The Conservatory hosted a concert dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven

The Conservatory hosted a concert dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven

The Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen State Conservatory hosted a concert dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding composer Beethoven, and organized by the students and teachers of the Department of the Chamber Ensemble.

The concert program was compiled by Stella Faramazova. Performing the piano part in many numbers of the evening, the artist is a diploma winner of a number of international competitions.

The first number of the concert was a romance for violin, in which the main part was talentedly performed by Merdan Charyev. The musician was accompanied by Stella Faramazova on the piano. Then the audience heard the world famous “Variations on a Russian Theme for Flute” from Emir Bayramgeldyev.

One of the most famous works of Beethoven – “Piano Sonata No. 14”, which the whole world knows as “Moonlight” – was splendidly performed by Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Vladimir Mkrtumov. The work was completed by the composer in 1801. By that time, Beethoven was in deep anguish. He was losing his hearing, already at that time he had to come closer to the orchestra to hear high-pitched sounds. A hard blow for the composer was the break with the young Countess Juliet Guicciardi, whom Beethoven loved, and to whom he dedicated this work..

The sonata owes its name to the music critic Ludwig Röllstab, who compared it to “moonlight over Lake Lucerne”. At the same time, many music critics believe that there is nothing “lunar” in this sonata and the name “Moonlight Sonata” does not at all reflect the spirit of the work. Beethoven himself called this work “a sonata in the spirit of fantasy.”

The first movement of the sonata for violin and piano No. 9 (Kreutser) was performed by the laureate of international competitions Aibolek Mukhieva, who was accompanied by Stella Faramazova, who replaced Vladimir Mkrtumov.

Then sonata No. 4 for cello and piano sounded, during which the audience could enjoy its performance by the talented young musician Kakageldy Khojalekov. The concert ended with a very melodic quartet No. 9, the third and fourth parts of which were performed by the string orchestra conducted by Takhir Atayev.

Stella Faramazova agreed to share her creative plans with ORIENT and tell a little about her attitude to the work of the great German composer. She noted that Beethoven’s creative legacy is so huge that it was extremely difficult to fit even a small part of his work into the framework of a concert.

Stella Vladimirovna is sure that Beethoven’s music, created after the composer lost his hearing, awakens a huge amount of positive emotions in the audience. And she considers the strength of the spirit of the musician to be the main thing in his work.

Further, the performer shared her creative plans, which are to return to the organization of concerts dedicated to memorable dates associated with the life and work of both Turkmen and foreign composers in the second half of next year.