The city of the future will appear in Saudi Arabia

The city of the future will appear in Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman presented the project of the new city “The Line”, which will be completely pedestrian.

In a city where people and the planet can coexist in harmony, there will be no cars or roads. Instead, there will be interrelated communities with a length of 170 km. It will be embedded in nature. Solutions in the field of ultra-fast public transport and autonomous mobility ensure that the travel time within the city will not exceed 20 minutes.

“Throughout history, cities have been built to protect citizens. In developed megacities, people spend years of their lives traveling to work. By 2050, the duration of travel will double, one billion people will be forced to move due to rising CO2 emissions, 90% of people are already breathing polluted air,” said the Crown Prince.

“Why should we sacrifice nature for the sake of development? Why should we lose millions of people every year owing to road accidents? Therefore, it is necessary to transform the concept of an ordinary city into a futuristic one,” added he.