The best region of the country solemnly celebrated receiving a prize of $ 1 million

The best region of the country solemnly celebrated receiving a prize of $ 1 million

The award ceremony of $ 1 million for the Geoktepe district as the best in the country was held today in the village of Yzgant, where a big celebration was organized on this occasion. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed an award on February 7 following the results of the annual competition.

The celebration was attended by members of the government, members of parliament and other leaders, whom the locals welcomed on a grand scale. Musical and theatrical performances, an art exhibition, an exposition of agricultural products, an exhibition of agricultural machinery presented a colorful panorama of creative traditions, heritage, the results of the labor of the villagers and the latest technologies used today in the agricultural sector.

The festival included a sports component, an ethnographic, and a culinary part with refreshments, and many more bright moments. It was evident that the Geoktepe residents did their best, confirming their status as the best district in the country.

The official award ceremony on behalf of the head of state was held at the Palace of Culture. They read a congratulatory message sent by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the inhabitants of the region. Then the chairman of the National Center for Trade Unions handed the award to the head of the administration of the Geoktepa region, which will stimulate the further socio-economic development of this region.

And the celebration continued with a concert and a traditional collective meal..