“The best life in the world”, or how to make your job a dream

“The best life in the world”, or how to make your job a dream

Ray Bradbury, whose dystopian “Fahrenheit 451” we read in our youth and whose “Martian Chronicles” passed round, said, “Look at the world. It is more wonderful than dreams”.

Perhaps, Briton Ben Southall understands this better than all of us, wandering around the world with his wife Sophie for more than one year. After all, what is important for a traveler?

Not to be afraid of adventures, be ready periodically to experience discomfort and find a like-minded person who shares your passion for changing places. Well, if this like-minded person is also a darling, then such a traveler is just a real lucky man.

All this fully concerns Ben Southall, who became famous in 2009, when he won a competition of 34 thousand applicants for the “best job in the world” and became the caretaker of the tiny tropical island of Hamilton, being part of the Great Barrier reef.

Ben describes himself as “adventurous and super energetic man”. “I like everything new,” the Englishman says in the minute-long video, submitted to the Hamilton island caretaker’s choice competition. “Last year I roamed around Africa, crossed the desert, climbed mountains, ran marathons, skydived, rode mountain bikes, kissed a leopard and rode an ostrich.”

Ben’s work duties, indeed, resembled more the rest: walking around the grounds, diving, and a number of other equally light tasks. He kept an online blog and updated his weekly photo reports and video diary. He received 150 thousand dollars for this work within six months. His employers gave him free flights from his residence to the island and return, free accommodation in a luxury villa with an eye to the lagoon, swimming pool and golf course, as well as the island’s sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean.

But at the end of his six-month contract, Ben did not return to his previous studies and found an even better job – he began to travel to different countries of the world. He and his wife Sophie are looking for the most amazing places of the planet and tell about them in social networks and on the pages of the website The Best Life In The World, where they blog and post photo and video reports about their trips, which, by the way, are sponsored by travel companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Not so long ago, the extravagant couple visited Turkmenistan. Photos on their Internet resource speak louder than any words about the emotions, experienced by Ben and Sophie in the hot country.

However, what emotions, except positive, can be experienced, having visited the land of such amazing nature, modern architecture and visiting one of the most amazing places on Earth – the fiery crater “Radiance of Karakum” in 266 kilometers north of Ashgabat.