The best carpets of the year receive awards in Ashgabat

The best carpets of the year receive awards in Ashgabat

An award ceremony of the winners of competition among carpet enterprises of Turkmenistan was held at the National Museum of Turkmen Carpet. The competition, held annually in honor of the Day of Turkmen Carpet, is designed to contribute to the preservation and development of the national carpet weaving art.

The carpet “Heavenly Beauty” (“Arşyň nepisligi”) of the National Museum of the Turkmen Carpet was awarded the Grand Prix of creative competition. During the year, the museum workers themselves wove it. The carpet enterprises from regions were among prizewinners also. The carpet-makers from Esenguly (Balkan province) and Khalach (Lebap province) were among those presented amazing works, distinguished by their expressiveness and unicity.

As the organizers of the competition told, the best out of 23 works presented were selected based on execution skill, the correct arrangement of ornaments, combination of colors, elegance and other assessment criteria. One thing is for sure – year by year, the quality of performance improves, and the skillful hands of Turkmen carpet weavers create unique carpets that admire foreign guests.

“Some foreign guests, sitting at the carpet machine tool, try to weave carpets themselves, as they are amazed how such beauty can be made with own hands,” one of the carpet weavers with many years of experience says. “To deal with carpet weaving, you should have to have a special mindset. For example, to calculate the correct distance between ornaments, your mind should be mathematic-oriented.

Art historian A.Felkerzam wrote: “The one who ever had seen old Turkmen carpets that unique by its ornament and technique, he never confuses them with the carpets of other tribes and peoples.”

Turkmen carpets are known all over the world for their incomparable beauty, high technique of execution, and rich ornamental. The work of Turkmen carpet makers is comparable to a feat, as it is very hard and laborious task that requires tremendous persistence and patience.