The Beatles – on the Ashgabat stage

The Beatles – on the Ashgabat stage

… Four young guys gathered to form one of the most influential rock groups that had ever been established in England. Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr – these names became cult, having headed the list of the greatest performers of all times and magazine Rolling Stone people.

On January, 16 under the UNESCO decision World Beatles Day is celebrated. This day in honour of this famous group various memorable actions and covers-concerts are organized. Well, yet it is an excellent occasion to listen to favourite songs.

Forthcoming Saturday, on January 18, cinema and concert hall “Turkmenistan” invites residents of Ashgabat to the concert «Let it Beatles» where hits of the Liverpool four will be performed.

The correspondent of the ORIENT has talked to organizers and in combination with participants of the forthcoming concert – soloists Aynur Mahmydova, Dovran Shammyev, Alexander Kochetov, Vladimir Mkrtumov (piano), Yusuf Ismailov (guitar), Igor Shevtsov (bass guitar) and Timur Orayev (percussions).

– The idea of returning to the music of the “Beatles” was born a long ago and now it is just a high time, when our desire coincides with possibilities. We want to remind of this group to our audience, – musicians tell. – in the program of the evening more than 15 pieces of music – «Help», «Yesterday», «Yellow submarine» and others.

– In our band besides men a girl will act as soloist as well. It is necessary to note that the majority of songs of the “Beatles” in female performance sound unusually attractively. It unequivocally will be pleasant to the public, – Vladimir Mkrtumov is sure.

According to participants, their purpose is not simply to copy songs of the popular group, but to introduce something new. For example, the song «Michelle» will be performed in a jazz manner, and the song «Help» can sound in the style “Rock’n’roll”.

As participants have noted, in the long run music and its performance is remembered. It is that group which leaves a loop of memoirs. At each its new audition, it is possible to underline for oneself something novel.

– We already work for a long time together, – bass guitarist Igor Shevtsov speaks. – Have converged that all of us “burn” with one business – music. We also want that our spectators could experience this energy.

As a result of a small conversation with participants of the group, I was given a possibility to become their first spectator. And you know, it is an improbable feeling to hear in good “live” performance of a song which by right is considered as the best in the world musical industry.

The duet of Aynur and Alexander looks harmoniously, they can interest new generation and give a chance to adults to remember those nice times and songs under which they once got inspired.

But it is not our traditions to show all cards and surprises of the forthcoming concert.