The Army Club defends the champion title

The Army Club defends the champion title

The final of the National Basketball League of Turkmenistan was held in the sports complex of the International University of Oil and Gas of the capital. Merkezi Goshun sports club (MGSC) of the Ministry of Defense won gold medals. To learn more the spectacular match, the ORIENT features a report prepared in collaboration with Milli Goshun .

The club won the game from the Binagar team of the State Institute of Architecture and Construction with the score of 74:66. Quite interesting the fact that during the group stage, the Army Club twice lost to their opponent.

Victory in the match has been gained thanks to long training sessions and a team work,  the captain of MGSC Timur Allanurov said in the post-match interview,

“We have been playing together for about five years and we know our merits and demerits quite well, so, today we were able to realize everything we did in training sessions,” the basketball player, recognized as the MVP (the most valuable player) in the final match, said.

As for the game itself, MGSC obviously made a bet on a quick start and it was a right tactic. Being full of initiative from the first minutes, the Army Club earned a margin of 13 points by the end of the first 10 minutes. By the beginning of the last quarter, the advantage for the basketball players of the Ministry of Defense had grown to 15 points. This handicap allowed them to bring the game to the wished-for victory.

After the match, I managed to talk with a man who aptly threw the ball into the ring long before the birth of today’s heroes. Kurban Hydyrov is the 5-time champion of Turkmenistan during the period of 1972-1977. Turkmen basketball veteran noted the well-deserved victory of the MGSC team and wished them good luck in future high-level matches.

“Genius is only 1% talent and 99% percent hard work,”’ the former basketball player reminded the athletes.