The 85th Anniversary of Nikolay Amiyants was celebrated with a festive concert: hearts inflamed with love for a violin

The 85th Anniversary of Nikolay Amiyants was celebrated with a festive concert: hearts inflamed with love for a violin

The Great Hall of the Turkmen National Conservatory hosted a jubilee concert of an outstanding teacher, founder of the violin school in Turkmenistan, Honored Artist, Veteran of Labor Nikolay Artyomovich Amiyants.

The gala concert was dedicated to the 85th Anniversary of the coryphaeus of violin art in the history of musical culture of Turkmenistan. Over 60 years of his life, Nikolay Artyomovich tutored and educated several generations of talented musicians.

More than 300 of his students, who were educated for the specialty not only the violin, but also the viola and gijak, work today both in Turkmenistan and abroad, continuing the wonderful traditions of their mentor.

Here are some of them: M. Kozerukov – he works for the Mihaylovsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Sh. Saidov – for the national symphonic orchestra conducted by V. Spivakov, O. Myatiyeva – concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, USA, W. Stepaniyants – in New York, O. Lazareva – works for the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Simonov, A. Atdayeva – in St. Petersburg, Gayane Khalafyants-Tovmasyan teaches at the Moscow Music School, E. Ilyunina – works for special music school in St. Petersburg, A.Volokhovsky – in Zelenograd, D.Tumasov – works for the Reginsburg Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany. Also S. Ayrapetyan works in Russia, L. Sukhorukova – in Kazakhstan, O. Berdiyeva – in Wellington, New Zealand, N. Pisareva – in Paris, France, N. Shimanovich and V.Gaba – in Germany, Agat Avetisyan – in the Komi Republic.

Many of Amiyants’s students are devoted themselves to teaching, breeding young talents in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi, Dashoguz, Turkmenabat and other cities of the country.

There are quite a few laureates of international competitions among graduates of Nikolay Artyomovich Amiyants. For example, Aybolek Mukhiyeva was awarded the Grand Prix of Vi Rome international music competition festival in Italy in May 2019.

For three decades, Stella Faramazova, the professional of highest standard, remarkable accompanist, talented musician, teacher of the Turkmen National Conservatory has been a faithful assistant, organizer and inspirer in creative work. We are citing her words: “The name of Amiyants is associated with the school concept. School of violin skill, which is founded by him. This school is known all over the world and has brought colossal results, laureates of international competitions, talented teachers, brilliant violinists. I had the pleasure to work in the class of Nikolay Artyomovich as an accompanist for over 30 years. These are years of fruitful work in the glory of art, music, our homeland.”

..Nikolay Amiyants was born on June 2, 1934 in Ashgabad and from the age of six he began studying at the Children’s Music School No.1 of the city with teacher Alexandr Fyodorovich Korjin. Then he enters the music school and continues his studies under supervision of a teacher Alfred Nikolayevich Itskov, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, and wonderful violinist.

After the tragic earthquakes in Ashgabat in 1948, Amiyants continues his studies at a special music school under the Azerbaijan State Conservatory named after Uzeir Gadjibekov in the class of Associate Professor Alexandr Ivanovich Hodjumyan. Then there was the Leningrad Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov – the class of Professor Ilya Yevseyevich Lukashevskiy, teacher of the National Artist of the Russian Federation, soloist of the famous quartet named after A. Glazunov.

Nikolay Amiyants has the pedagogical practice under supervision of Lyubov Markovna Sigal, the student of Leopold Auer, Professor of the Leningrad Conservatory, who is the founder of one of the three performing violin schools in the world. Nikolay Artyomovich combined his studies at the conservatory with work in a symphony orchestra and a film studio ensemble, which gave him the opportunity to enrich his concert repertoire, improve his mastery and familiarize himself with the world classical music.

In 1957, he was sent to work for the Mihaylovsky Theater Orchestra, but he returned to his native Turkmenistan and began working at the State Music School named after D. Ovezov. At the same time, he worked as concertmaster of the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra conducted by G. Arakelyan and the Turkmen Opera and Ballet Theater named after Mahtumkuli.

During the 1960s – 1970s, Nikolay Amiyants led a violin ensemble that took part in many major concerts, and also performed in the Moscow Kremlin Palace. For many years, he was the head of the chamber orchestras of the state music school and conservatory. The composers Ashir Kuliev and Kerki Nazarov even dedicated their works to Nikolay Artyomovich.

… The violin ensemble players, who performed virtuoso piece to the Romanian folk melodies Staccato Choir by composer Grigorash Diniku, opened the present anniversary concert. Student Sona Yazova performed Tchaikovsky’s lyrical Meditation. It was followed the brilliant works of Tchaikovsky and Venyavsky performed by students Myahri Agadjanova and Merdan Charyev.

The concert was also attended by graduates of Nikolay Artyomovich, who work as teachers for the Musical School named after D.Ovezov. Among them, Muhamed Rahimov with Adagio from Ballet Spartak by Aram Khachaturian, the piano part was accompanied by concertmaster Reyhan Bagdasarova. Seyran Kasimi performed Waltz from Ballet Suite Seven Beauties by Kara Karayev, and Ibragim Orazov – La Campanella by Paganini.

And there were Tchaikovsky again: student Enegyz Yomudova played Lensky’s Aria by Leopold Auer, while Aybolek Muhiyeva conquered the hall with a bright temperament and virtuosity of performance Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, No.2 and 3.

The concert was finished with performance of the string orchestra conducted by Tahir Atayev. The young team performed Ravel’s Gypsy, where the teacher of the conservatory Bahram Doliyev was the soloist. Handel’s Hallelu was the second performance of the orchestra.

In 1990-1995, Gayane Halafyants-Tovmasyan, sister of Stella Faramazova, was a student of Amiyants. Now she works in Moscow, and here are the lines that she wrote to her mentor:

“Our dear, beloved, Nikolay Artyomovich! Congratulations on your anniversary on behalf of our family, from our loving hearts! We were proud to communicate with you as high-level professional, intelligent, kind, sensitive, tactful, responsive person. You are an extraordinary person in every sense!

For us, you are the example of high ranks of the Musician and Teacher, the keeper and the bearer of the best traditions of the violin school! Many hearts have been inflamed by love for the violin thanks to your extraordinary talent, deep encyclopedic knowledge, original thinking, and creative approach to solving any problem!

You have taught your students not only to love faithfully your instrument or just raised a cohort of worthy professionals! In addition, you taught the most important lessons in life: honesty, humanity, kindness, intelligence, being an example of a true cultural Man in the highest sense of the word!

We wish you good health, happiness, well-being and inexhaustible source of power for further work! May the love and respect of your loved ones, your friends, colleagues, students and their parents, always support you!

We wish you a creative, active longevity, and good luck! May all plans and ideas come true!

Deep bow to you! Many and happy years ahead!!!”