The 140th anniversary of Alexander Blok was celebrated in Ashgabat

The 140th anniversary of Alexander Blok was celebrated in Ashgabat

The representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Ashgabat, continuing its tradition of chamber evening parties dedicated to outstanding figures of Russian culture and art, organized a literary and poetic meeting devoted to the 140th anniversary of Alexander Blok. One of the most famous poets of the silver age, the creator of the image of a Beautiful Lady, was born in St. Petersburg on the banks of the Neva River, and began composing poems even before he entered the gymnasium.

Exploring the work of the classic of Russian literature, the actors of the ArtIst Ashgabat Theater presented a theatrical composition called “Blok” to the guests of the evening. In the production, the image of the poet emerges from the memoirs and diary entries of his contemporaries – Anna Akhmatova, Zinaida Gippius, Marina Tsvetaeva, Sergei Yesenin and Vladimir Mayakovsky. The composition stage director and performer of one of the roles Tatyana Ovezmuradova told what the work of Alexander Blok means to her,

“When I was about five years old, I watched the film Spring on Zarechnaya Street, where the main character is jealous of the heroine to a portrait of the classic. Then I “tortured” my father, wishing to find out who is depicted in the picture. And already in the first form, at school, I again saw a familiar portrait, and finally, my father said me, “This is Alexander Blok, daughter, it’s a shame not to know such a poet!”. Then, as a mantra, I learned his poem Night. Street. Flashlight. Pharmacy. The main message of our production is that Blok’s poetry was and will always be relevant.”

Alexander Blok’s poems have been translated into many foreign languages, including Turkmen, and the poet himself was no stranger to Oriental motifs not only in poetry, but also in everyday life. The Block’s Museum-apartment, which also celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, has preserved the classic’s study. In it every item is in its place, as in the lifetime of Alexander Alexandrovich – grandmother’s desk, grandfather’s sofa, and a Turkmen carpet – on the floor. Here the lyricist wrote the poem Twelve and the poem Scythians:

Millions for you. We are darkness, and darkness, and darkness.
Try it, fight with us!
Yes, we are the Scythians! Yes, Asians are we,
With slanted and greedy eyes!

Thanks in large part to poetry and literature, the richness and sonority of the Russian language are revealed to foreign audiences. “Russian Teaching and Teaching in Russian: new dimensions in the open space” International Pedagogical Online Forum was recently held in Turkmenistan. The forum was attended by teachers of Russian as a foreign language, as well as students of universities in Russia and Turkmenistan.

“The forum was organized by Nizhny Novgorod State University named after Nikolai Lobachevsky supported by the Ministry of Education of Russia, – says the Head of Education, Science and Culture Department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Beloglazov. – About two hundred people from Turkmenistan have registered in the forum dedicated to teaching Russian abroad, in the meantime a large part of foreign students at Lobachevsky University is Turkmen students.”