Tennis Championship of Turkmenistan has started

Tennis Championship of Turkmenistan has started

The Open Tennis Championship of Turkmenistan has started in Ashgabat. This tournament, along with the Country Cup, is one of the most important in the schedule of the Tennis Federation.

The championship, which will last until November 27, will be held in both singles and doubles among men and women. Over 50 tennis players take part in it, ready to demonstrate all their skills in the competition for the first place. Among them are Atlymurad Kurbanov, Hajimurad Charyev, Yuri Rogussky, Bahar Toimuradova, Arzuv Klycheva, Anastasia Azimbayeva and others.

It should be noted that the previous open championship of the country among players under the age of 14 became a good warm-up for some young tennis players in order to then test their strengths with more experienced athletes. One of them is Rozhan Karajayeva, who at the age of 15 is the current champion of Turkmenistan.

Tournament winners will score extra points to advance in the national ranking of Turkmenistan. The chief referee of the competition is Andrey Dovmatov.