Teachers from Dashoguz became International Pushkin Contest winners

Teachers from Dashoguz became International Pushkin Contest winners

The Russian language teachers from the city of Dashoguz – Maya Atdekova and Elmira Samandarova – became winners of the XIX International Pushkin Contest. The winners are named every year on June 6 – on the eve of the poet’s birthday.

Teachers from Turkmenistan presented an essay on the topical for Russian scholars issue: “220: Pushkin under stress. Monument or blogger? Do classics bother a young generation to learn Russian?”

In the essay, the teachers revealed the “timelessness” of the Great Russian poet – its relevance to readers of all generations.

“Now students spend all the spire time, chatting in the Internet. And I read them not only poems, but his correspondence with Anna Kern, Natalia Goncharova, and gave them examples of rich Russian language, the way how poet corresponded with women,” says Elmira Samandarova, a teacher of Russian at school №24, which ORIENT visited recentrly. … And they were pleased to learn it all. Students love the Russian language and are ready to study it, and through it all Russian culture.”

In 2018, the Russian language teacher from Dashoguz Jennet Myatiyeva was the winner of the competition. That time she presented an essay with a topic: “Language without sanctions. What a Russian language teacher required to have today – professionalism or courage?”, where she described the education system in Turkmenistan.

During 18 years, more than 6 thousand teachers took part in the contest, and 900 out of them became laureates. They are all are awarded with diplomas and prizes, and also have the possibility to join the internship program at the Russian Language State institute named after A.S.Pushkin, participate in the cultural program dedicated to the celebration of the City Day as well as have the opportunity to exchange views and experiences with foreign colleagues.