Teachers and students: how the art of being a professional is comprehended

Teachers and students: how the art of being a professional is comprehended

The concert of the graduates of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory – Maral Amangeldieva and Selim Arrykov – once again confirmed the old truth like this world, that everything is important in musical art – from the technique of performance and emotional freedom to the full effort not only of the soloist, but also of the accompanist.

Maral and Selim are graduates of the concertmaster class. They went in different ways to this exam for professional maturity, and ended up on the same stage.

Maral once graduated from a music school in Mary and decided to continue her professional education in the capital. And Selim is a graduate of a special music boarding school at TNK. The ambitious fifth year students are looking forward to independent professional practice, but for now they have passed the “strength” exam, which are the annual May reporting concerts.

– When the accompanist plays for the vocalist, he performs almost the entire part to himself, trying to accompany in such a way as to be consonant not only with the performer’s voice, but also be on the same wavelength in his emotional experiences. And even to be in harmony with the physical condition of the vocalist, feeling the rhythm of his heart and the depth of breathing, Maral Amangeldyeva shares. – There are chamber classes where the soloist is accompanied by an ensemble consisting of various instruments. Here, the specifics of the game are slightly different and the tasks are completely different. But in each case there are subtleties and difficulties.

Note that the current graduates were lucky, because they had the luck to work with such well-known vocalists in Turkmenistan as Bahar Durdyeva and Ismail Dzhumaev.

“My diploma is a pianist,” says Bahar. – In previous years, I dreamed, having graduated from the conservatory, devote myself to this particular profile. But the teacher Lilia Skrypnik just “fell in love” with me in vocals. And since I have two diplomas – a pianist and a vocalist, then I approach the accompanists from these positions. For the current reporting concert, we selected a rather complicated program, but the guys, despite the rather difficult test, successfully completed the task. In mid-June, they will begin state exams, and I think that this program is already a good enough reason to declare themselves as worthy graduates of the conservatory.

The program of reporting concerts is drawn up six months before the presentation to the public. Of course, teachers take into account the existing realities, as well as the capabilities of their students – they are still students. However, mentors take into account not only the technique of performance, but also the performer’s taste, as well as many other factors.

“Teachers are uncompromising and demanding people,” says Bahar Durdyeva. – But at the same time they are true friends who lead their students not so much in music classes as in life. And at the same time, a real teacher subconsciously dreams that his student will ever surpass his mentor. For some, this may be a tragedy, but for a real Teacher, it is happiness and endless joy.

By an amazing coincidence, Svetlana Kim, the current teacher of Maral Amangeldieva at the Ashgabat Conservatory, taught her while she was still in the Mary Music School. By the will of heaven, Svetlana Ivanovna again released Maral into a great life, but already from the walls of the national conservatory.

What will be the future fate of her student? This is unknown to anyone. But experience and inner feeling suggest that this student of hers has a future on the professional stage.

– I’ve been teaching for about three and a half decades. And I am proud that among my students there are those like Bahar Durdyeva,” says Svetlana Kim. “She trained me as a pianist.” I have been working at the National Conservatory not so long ago – about three years, and I can say with confidence that there is a very high level of training for both applicants coming from special schools and university students.

Svetlana Ivanovna went silent for a moment, sorting through simple, unprofessionally taken photographs of her students…

– Mastering the art of accompaniment is given through a lot of work, she continues. – But the guys, despite the high requirements, cope, making great efforts. I see how my students are very worried before an exam or going on stage. They don’t even know that we, teachers, are experiencing more than they are. After all, the disciples of our day are like our children. And they remain so, even when they become famous performers and favorites of the public. You may have noticed that when the audience applauds the performer violently, some in the audience are wiping a tear sneakily. This is the performer’s teacher…