TAPI: Pakistan and Afghanistan aim at intensive work on gas pipeline project

TAPI: Pakistan and Afghanistan aim at intensive work on gas pipeline project

Pakistani Petroleum Division has denied information about lobbying for the LNG supplies and confirmed its commitment to further partnership with all participants of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project, the APP news agency reports.

Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune recently published an article, expressing the opinion of some officials close to the energy sector, who consider the proposal of the Petroleum Division to revise tariffs for TAPI gas export to be unfounded, taking into account the relatively low prices for LNG.

The energy department rejected a news item with a press release, which emphasizes that the “content and figures” quoted in the story were “misleading and inaccurate”.

“The simple fact being that the cost of TAPI gas which will be additional gas has to be compared to additional LNG, not old LNG contracts”, the statement says.

Noting the importance of TAPI for Pakistan, the statement stressed that the Petroleum Division is “is cognizant of maintaining mutually beneficial relations with Turkmenistan and other stakeholders in TAPI.”

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Minister of Economy Mustafa Mastoor told the portal News.ru on the pace of implementation of one of the pipeline mega projects in South Asia in his country. The interview was given on the sidelines of Caspian week during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

– All countries and international financial organizations that are involved in this project do an excellent job, – shared Mastoor, adding that “a large number of participants, as a rule, complicates the implementation of the plan”.

Nevertheless, a senior official expressed confidence that the TAPI project will “be completed shortly and will bring prosperity and well-being to the entire region.”

– We can’t give a more precise timing of when it will be complete. But Afghanistan carries out all the necessary technical and scientific studies to ensure the safety of the pipeline, – the minister assured.