Super Cup of Turkmenistan: «Altyn asyr» beat “Kopet Dag” with 2:0

Super Cup of Turkmenistan: «Altyn asyr» beat “Kopet Dag” with 2:0

On Saturday evening, August, 3rd, the football match for the Super Cup of Turkmenistan between two capital teams – the owner of the Cup-2018 “Kopet Dag” and the reigning champion of Turkmenistan «Altyn asyr» took place.

The match which was held at the stadium “Kopet Dag”, turned out very strained. The chief umpire of the match was Begench Allaberdiyev and lineman – Resul Mamedov. The match was inspected by Khudaynazar Rejepov.

The first goal was scored at the 59th minute by football player «Altyn asyr» Murat Annayev and in seven minutes his clubmate Altymyrat Annadurdyev scored the second and decisive goal.

For «Altyn asyr» it is not first victory in the match for the Super Cup of the country in football. The national team of telecommunications workers became owner of this prestigious trophy in 2014 and 2015.

“Kopetdag” is a very serious opponent competing for a trophy till the last minute. Fans and players were in suspense to the end. But even overtime of five minutes added to the basic time of the match brought nothing to the team.

The team «Altyn asyr» once again proved that for today it is the strongest football team of Turkmenistan.

The second half of championship of Turkmenistan in football will begin on August 6.

Aygul Berdiyeva