Summer together with “Dalchyn”

Summer together with “Dalchyn”

Everyone now thinks about summer holidays – what would be more interesting, better, more affordable? And there are plenty of offers today. Ashgabat has many educational centers and entertainment venues. However, we decided to study the issue more deeply: who are the summer events for? It turned out that in most cases – only for children from 7 to 13 years old. But what about our teenagers? Really nobody thought of them? And in fact, this age is not an easy one: it’s too late to go to a summer camp for children, yet it’s too early to be considered an adult yet.

Dalchin Educational Center decided to offer teenagers a special English course – Intensive Practice Course, which will allow them to “pump up” communication skills. Classes will be held daily, in two shifts (morning and afternoon) by specialists trained in England, base on the textbook from the University of Cambridge “Mindset for IELTS”. The courses foresee for full immersion in the language environment: training will be conducted only in English. These skills can help adolescents to enter universities and work in foreign companies. And on Saturdays, the kids will be involved in field events of the center: a game of bowling, excursions to museums, botanical garden, theaters.

In addition to the abovementioned course, from June 1st, the center launches a children’s camp for children from 7 to 13 years old, and from June 15th – planned summer courses for the study of foreign languages, mathematics and computer literacy.

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