Such is telematics: more precise agriculture – higher yield, more income

Such is telematics: more precise agriculture – higher yield, more income

By the beginning of the sowing of cotton, new John Deere tractors arrived in Turkmenistan, along with seeders and cultivators. It is expected that the entire order for agricultural machinery, which should update the fleet of machines and units of agricultural enterprises of the country during the spring field work, will be completed before the end of April.

155 tractors produced at the John Deere factory in Mannheim, Germany, and about 100 Monosem eight-row seeders shipped from French Largas will be available to the farmers by the end of March. And 155 Orthman cultivators from American Lexington will come next. Such world agricultural brands can be seen on the Turkmen fields. And this, in addition to other leading manufacturers.

Samples of all this equipment have previously passed production testing in local soil and climatic conditions. They were tested by machine operators at once in several areas of Akhal, after which the order package was specified and formed.

The main test innovation was the telematics system, which allows you to remotely monitor the use of means of production and compliance with technical requirements for the performance of a particular work. Here, and the cost of fuel, and maintenance of equipment, and monitoring the movement of cars online and much more, which is recorded using satellite monitoring.

Such agrotelematics makes it possible to keep records of farmland and field work, optimize logistics during the season of mass campaigns of sowing or harvesting, save the history of all operations in a particular area and promptly provide accurate reports.

The analysis of the data and information received means for the tenant, the economy, the enterprise a clearer vision of how to rationalize approaches, reduce costs and avoid costs, that is, increase production and, accordingly, production profitability and income from it.

In this regard, Turkmenistan’s long-standing cooperation with John Deere is moving to a new, digital level. But the growing quantitative scope of this partnership can be judged by the fact that 300 cotton harvesters were delivered to the country in 2019, and another 300 will arrive in 2020. While for the period 2017-2018, 400 were delivered.