Success of Turkmen athletes at the Republican Boxing Universiade in Belarus

Success of Turkmen athletes at the Republican Boxing Universiade in Belarus

Students from Turkmenistan successfully performed at the Republican Boxing Universiade-2019 in Belarus. The tournament winner in the weight category up to 69 kg was a 1st-year student of the Belarusian State University Rahim Atabaev.

– Despite the fact that I represented the Belarusian State University, first of all, I defended the honor of my homeland – Turkmenistan – the athlete said in an interview with ORIENT.

Begnazar Annaorazov’s ward has numerous victories at the Youth Championships of Turkmenistan, “silver” of the Turkmenistan Boxing Cup among men in the category up to 69 kg (2017).

The pupil of the first sports school of Ashgabat was engaged in Boxing since childhood.

– In the 6th grade, my classmates and I decided to enroll in the Boxing section. After that, I never left Boxing, even while serving in the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, – admitted the champion.

Besides Boxing, Rahim also goes in for Chinese Martial Art – Wushu. In 2015, he won the “gold” medal of the National Wushu Festival of Turkmenistan in the weight category up to 60 kg.

Speaking about motivation in sports, the desire to win the boxer said,

– Our President sets a demonstrative example for the Turkmen youth. He leads a healthy lifestyle, is engaged in various sports. And it motivates us very much to follow this sample.

Now the athlete plans to raise the Turkmen flag at the other, more large-scale competitions.

Besides Rahim, the Universiade winners became Turkmenistan’s athletes Islam Bairamov, Bairam Ataev and Mergen Yollyev.