Studio of Latin American dances for adults opened in Ashgabat

Studio of Latin American dances for adults opened in Ashgabat

Temperamental and passionate, rousing and graceful – these all are about Latin American dances, which have not lost popularity for many years. A dance studio “Solo Latin” opened in Ashgabat for adults who dream of learning to move in Latin style “from scratch”.

Solo dances are focused on individual performance where a partner is not required. There are no age restrictions in them, and classes are conducted in groups 16+.

The dance and music mix comprises several main styles at once, such as samba, rumba and cha-cha-cha. Exercising the basic movements and plastics of the solo Latin dance has a favorable effect on the state of health, tones muscles and blood vessels. After all, Latin American dances are rather sport that involves physical activity.

– We opened a group for adults, because dancing is a great alternative to fitness, choreographer Selbi Kakajikova says. – Now we have people of different ages, my oldest trainee is 67 years old, and I think that this is not the limit. For example, Social Latin is no longer a sport, but more entertainment. There are no rules in this dance, and it is popular in clubs but not in sports competitions.

In order to start classes, comfortable shoes and sportswear are needed that stress the dancer’s figure.

Learning choreography is suitable for those who are sedentary during the day. Remaining in the same position for a long time causes the congestion of blood in the lower body. And Latin American dance classes have a therapeutic effect on the body, relieve stagnation, refresh the sense of rhythm, and increase overall sensitivity of the body.

– Why is it a solo Latin? Firstly, it’s convenient for those who don’t want to look for a dancing partner, and, at the same time, have an irrepressible desire to dance, and secondly, we have 10 girls and only two guys in our gym, Selbi continues. – In principle, we do not exclude couple dance classes, and I work individually with those who wish it. Basically, these are married couples, where partners understand each other perfectly, sometimes even from a half-movement.

It is possible to experience the atmosphere of rousing Latin American dances and try yourself as a solo performer by enrolling in the Solo Latin studio for adults. Classes are held three times a week from 21:00 to 22:00. Answers to all questions of interest can be got by phone: +99365 712523

We would remind that sport dances were included in the programme of the Asian Games-2017 in Ashgabat. Athletes of Turkmenistan Alexander Sisekin and Valeria Nepomnyashaya won a bronze medal for salsa of the competed 11 sets of prizes. The vibrant dancing pair inspired many young Turkmenistan citizens to start exercising Latin American dances.