Steven Spielberg has started a quarantine film club

Steven Spielberg has started a quarantine film club

The American Film Institute (AFI) together with director Steven Spielberg has started a film club for the quarantined people because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The message on the opening of the club appeared on the Twitter page of AFI. In the post it is noted that any interested person can become its member.

The first film to be shown will be “The Wizard of Oz” of 1939. Participants of the club will invite at the institute’s site for each viewing through trailers with participation of famous figures of cinema.

“Now I know you think you’ve seen it but think again, because right now at this moment in history what better message is there then, ‘there’s no place like home’”? – Spielberg in his video message said, referring to the song of Dorothy from «The Wizard of Oz».

British writer Joanne Rowling has also opened a site for admirers of books about Harry Potter who miss in the isolation introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.