State will attract tens of national IT companies to digitalize Turkmenistan

State will attract tens of national IT companies to digitalize Turkmenistan

More than thirty Turkmen IT companies presented their business proposals and opportunities in the field of high technologies at an online conference organized by the Turkmen Telecom Agency, the website of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan reports.

The initiative to start a dialogue with private firms has demonstrated that the state is ready to involve a large number of local contractors in the digitalization of Turkmenistan. This cooperation will promote the growth of the innovative sector of the national economy and create new jobs for IT specialists.

The conference addressed the topics related to digitalization of the financial and banking sector and the establishment of automated information base systems. The discussions also covered the organization and participation of companies in the traditional exhibition of telecommunication technologies, annually held by the “Turkmen Communications” Agency.

Turkmenistan is implementing the Concept for Development of the Digital Economy until 2025. As part of it, all institutions of the country were instructed to create their own websites and introduce electronic document management systems by January 2021.

In March, the Turkmen parliament adopted the new Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Document Management and Digital Services. It established the legal force of digital documents and clarified how the new system should function.

Turkmen private IT companies will have to implement dozens of innovative projects for various structures. Therefore, in the coming years, this area in the country will experience rapid growth, which will result in a digital transformation of the country’s business and economy.