Spring – it is time to refresh your wardrobe

Spring – it is time to refresh your wardrobe

Spring – it is time to refresh for not only nature, but also for clothes. In this process stylists advise to adhere to a fashionable trend now- to create capsules of clothes and accessories for certain seasons and life cases. The capsule wardrobe will help to save money, without filling the wardrobe with spontaneously bought new things, and to avoid the acquaintance much, especially to women, a situation when it is a lot of things, and there is nothing to put on.

The capsule wardrobe differs from base clothes which has neutral colour scale and are almost deprived of a stylistic orientation. For creation of a capsule the base is supplemented with the things creating by an individual image on the basis of the silhouettes most suitable for you and colour type which will underline your advantages and to hide lacks.

The capsule is a mini wardrobe from 5-10 combined among themselves by style and colour scale of things, getting which you can create from 20 to 50 different items of certain appointment: for work, issue, a trip, etc.

For example, the capsule for holiday is some summer items, including footwear which will fit for all. The evening capsule is formed by the most elegant items which can be put on for gatherings, party or wedding of friends. And if during business trip the business meeting, and then dinner , the capsule will consist of strict dress, a smart blouse or a dress, convenient items for flight and walks.

Capsule is very convenient and rational. In it each item should be combined at least with three others, but the more universally a thing, it is more than combinations and images can be. For example, in a man’s capsule in style Casual cardigans combined with jeans, a shirt and a T-shirt. Add here a jacket and boots, replace cardigan with a jumper, and jeans with trousers – and here at you a capsule from 8-10 items which will give you 20-30 various combinations.

The rule of compatibility of three elements extends to colour scale. In a capsule there should be primary colours which should match with your face and should be dominant in all images, irrespective of style and clothes designation. In order they do not create sensation of their colour oversaturation balance with basic colours of neutral shades, but not any, and corresponding to yours colour type.
Basic shades should be used for bottom (a skirt, trousers), footwear and outer clothing. And the brightest accent colours doing an image more expressive and corresponding last trends, it is recommended to choose for accessories – scarfs, earrings, a necklace, belts and bags.

It is considered what easier to combine shades in one temperature: cold with cold and warm with warm. For example, in a capsule with cold shades accent will be dark blue, emerald, claret, and with basic – grey and white with black. In that case all items will be combined with each other.

The first step in making the capsule wardrobe is audit of a case and selection from available clothes only those items which match you by colours and styles. They should be arranged by spheres of life and look how much they are combined among themselves. If you have 4−5 interchangeable subjects for top and 2−3 for bottom the capsule is ready.

If is not present, it is necessary to buy in addition clothes. From items which match you, also it is necessary to choose winter, summer and transitive which can be carried during any season, and to check up on presence of ready capsules. Thus, you will know in advance, what items are necessary for you for a capsule before to go to shop. Thanks to such approach to updating of clothes you near at hand always will have ready complete sets of clothes for all occasions.

In conclusion some more advice from stylists which can be useful at making the capsule wardrobe:

The total of items in a capsule, together with footwear and accessories, should not exceed 12. Easier to choose two items which match you and are perfectly combined among themselves, and on their basis to expand a capsule with additional clothes and accessories.

For evening clothes it is enough to buy one dress which ideally fits your figure and matches you by colour. For such image it is possible to buy two handbags and one pair shoes, some complete sets of ornaments and different variants of garments – for example, a jacket and a blouse.

The same scarf can be used in different capsules, and here earrings should be different. If a watch is necessary for you, choose traditional model which will be combined with all your styles.

Make changes to clothes each season: for two weeks prior to the beginning of summer make a review and define what items should be bought in addition, and of what – to get rid.

Gozel Sakhatova