Sports Village is… sailing from the sea

Sports Village is… sailing from the sea

XXX World Summer Universiade-2019, already starting July 3 in Naples, Italy, chose its motto “#ToBeUnique” and, it seems, even before the official start of the games, it began to amaze everyone.

On 28 June, the Village for Universiade Athletes was opened in a solemn atmosphere. What’s so unusual, you ask? And you would be absolutely right, if not for one “but”!

This village is … two cruise liners “Costa Victoria” and “MSC Lirica”, moored in the Gulf of Naples, two steps from the Royal Palace and with an amazing view of the famous and still active Mount Vesuvius.

The opening ceremony of the Village for athletes was attended by the president of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) Oleg Matytsin, president of the Center Universitario Sportivo Italiano (Italian University Sports Center) Lorenzo Lentini, a legend of Italian sports, a two-time Olympic champion, two-time winner of the World Cup, alpinist, political figure and TV journalist Manuel di Centa and, of course, Parthenopa, the mythical siren (mermaid) chosen by the mascot of the XXX World Summer Universiade-2019. The name of this fabulous creature is associated with an amazingly beautiful legend about the founding of Naples, but this is in our next reports from Italy.

A total of just over four thousand athletes from 109 countries will be accommodated on board both gigantic sea beauty ships, and eight thousand athletes representing 170 countries of the world will take part in the main summer sports student competitions.

Athletes from Turkmenistan are represented at the Universiade 2019 in six sports – athletics, archery, tennis, judo, fencing and swimming.

In the last three disciplines, the competition will begin on July 4th, and the day before the colorful opening ceremony of the XXX Summer Universiade will take place at the Neapolitan Stadio San Pietro a Patierno Stadium.