Sports express review: who, where, when

The Asian boxing championship of Asia among schoolboys in Kuwait

In the Asian boxing championship among schoolchildren which has been completed in Kuwait Turkmen sportsmen won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

In the weight category under 40 kg Alisher Orazbaev could overcome an Uzbek boxer and take a silver medal. In the weight class of under 43 kg the second place wnet to Dovlet Nurmuradov.

Bogdan Konstantin (over 70 kg) and Daniyar Razumetov (under 35 kg) – became bronze prize-winners.

Judoists will compete for medals of the world championship in Tokyo

From August 25 to August 31 Turkmen sportsmen will take part in the world judo championship in Tokyo.

For victory – Hakberdi Jumayev (under 60 kg), Mohammed Kosekov (under 66 kg), Mominjan Arzikulov (under 73 kg), Tejen Tejenov (under 90 kg), Aziz Nazarov (under 48 kg) and Gulbadam Babamuratova (under 52 kg) will compete.

Let’s watch succession of events.

The Turkmen halfback – in Bishkek club “Alge”

The football player of Turkmenistan – Rahmet Shermetov playing for the Mary football team “Merv”, has signed the contract with the Kyrgyz leading club “Alge”.

«Alge» – a fivefold champion of Kyrgyzstan and ninefold owner of the Cup of the Republic.

Kurban Berdyev will continue his trainer’s career

Kurban Berdiyev till the end of 2019 plans to return to the trainer’s career to prepare “new players” for the winter session.

The expert considers not only the Russian football clubs, but also variants abroad.

In June of the current year the president of Tatarstan offered the famous Turkmen expert to think over the organisation of children and teenagers’ academy of football of Tatarstan with its branch offices in the republic’s chief towns.

Svetlana Davidovich