Sports competition as an alternative diplomacy

Martial arts are a method of self-knowledge. This is an understanding of yourself and the world around you. But this is not only learning. According to the ever-living Teachers, this is the art of comprehending God (in other words, the Buddha).

And God, according to the understanding of the teachings of the East, is dissolved in everything that surrounds us, and in what is inside us.

To achieve the goal, you should not think about it, but to connect your heart with the heart of the Buddha. In other words, you should dissolve yourself in an eternally living nature and do not place greater focus on material and short-term benefits. “When you are pointing to the Moon, do not concentrate your attention on your finger, otherwise you will not see the divine light emanating from the night light,” the master-sensei taught.

And in the duel will not win the one who is physically stronger. Not one who is technically perfect. Only the one who is spiritually more exalted can win.

Therefore, finishing the fighting, the one, who lost victory, embraces the opponent, congratulating him that he was closer to the One who is unknowable…

Today the competitions in 12 sports were held in the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which brought our athletes 18 more medals, including 8 gold medals. The Turkmen team takes the first place in the overall medal standings, having 193 awards as a result of the competitions, 77 of which are gold, 54 are silver and 62 are bronze medals.

The Iranian national team is still on the second place: 77 medals, 19 of which are gold. The team of Uzbekistan is on the third place: 16 gold medals out of 89 awards for all kinds of sport.

On the last day of the belt wrestling, the athletes met in fights in the discipline of “alysh” in the classical style. Our sportsmen finished the final day in this sport on a positive note, demonstrating high results, and 10 Turkmen wrestlers came to the final competitions at once.

Golden medals in our team was awarded to Dzhepbar Atamammedov (weight category over 100 kg), Seidi Batyrov (100 kg), Medet Hallygurbanov (60 kg), Mekangeldy Berdyev (70 kg), Gylych Dzhumaev (90 kg). Among the women, Leyli Durnazarova (over 75 kg), Zukhra Madraimova (60 kg), Dinara Khallyeva (65 kg) took the first place of the podium. Silver medals for the national team were won by Guvanch Yagmurov (80 kg), Khanmukhammet Patdyev (90 kg), among women – Rano Uzakova (70 kg).

Bronze awards are in the active of Kerim Gurbanov (weight category up to 100 kg) and Seitmurat Atayev (60 kg), and among women – Maksuda Egemberdieva (in the weight category over 75 kg), Lachin Badaglyeva (up to 55 kg), Hesel Bekiyeva (55 kg), Zarina Abdyrakhmanova (60 kg), Jahan Mukhamedova (75 kg).

In the billiards, four Turkmen sportsmen – Ibabekir Bekdurdyev, Annamamed Anamamedov, Begench Dzhumagylydzhov, and Shamukhammet Tashliev made their way to the quarterfinals scheduled for September 24 in the combined style of the “Russian pyramid” discipline today.

The fighting in kickboxing in the men’s and women’s categories started. The first Turkmen athletes who have qualified for the semifinals are already known. They are Farida Kutlimuradova (56 kg) in the discipline of “full contact” and Gulzada Dzhorakulyeva (60 kg) in the discipline “light kik”, who won Samar Abdalla from Syria and Sabina Kim from Uzbekistan respectively in the quarterfinals. Tomorrow quarterfinal matches will continue, and then the first on the Games medals on kickboxing will be played.

The women’s national team of Turkmenistan in basketball 3х3 has successfully overcome the stage of quarter-finals, having won the team of the Islamic Republic of Iran. From the first minutes of the match our basketball players pulled away, and not allowing the rivals to recover, and kept them at a respectful distance. The result is a confident victory with a score of 14:7. In the semi-final, the Turkmen team will face the team of Thailand, who has not yet learned the bitterness of the defeats at the tournament. Thai basketball players defeated Jordan team with a score of 18:4. The second semi-final was made by the teams of Syria and Uzbekistan, who won the teams of Chinese Taipei and Indonesia.

The Turkmen men’s team in the quarter-finals in a tough struggle for victory lost to the team of Qatar with a score of 12:14.

The quarterfinals in the futsal were held among men. The Turkmen team met with representatives of Afghanistan. The match wore extremely stubborn and harsh character, the one or another team came forward. For eight minutes before the end of the match our team trailed with a score of 2:4, but was able to equalize the score level and transfer the match in extra time. But it did not reveal the winner, because the rivals scored each other on the ball, the score was 5:5. Everything was decided by a penalty shootout, in which the futsal players of Afghanistan were more fortunate. The national team of Turkmenistan completed the tournament with dignity. There were many attacks, but there was not enough luck for such a desired victory.

The Afghan team will play in the semi-finals with the Iranian national team, which defeated Thailand with a score of 10:4. There were two more quarterfinals, the team of Japan defeated the futsal players from Jordan with a score of 4:1, and the team of Uzbekistan won the team of Vietnam with a score of 2:0. The winners of these matches will make up the second semi-final pair in the futsal among men.

In the quarterfinals of women’s tennis pairs, our sportsmen Jahan Bayramova and Anastasia Prenko in two sets with a score of 7: 6 and 6:3 lost the right to enter the semifinals to the pair Chang Hsiao-Yun and Wei Ting-Chieh from Chinese Taipei.

In individual standings in showjumping, Turkmen jockey Begley Garadzhaev on the Dabaraly horse became the eleventh among 31 participants. The first place was awarded to Hamad Ali Al-Attiyah from Qatar.

Short course swimming competitions continued swimming in the butterfly, on the back, the freestyle relay at 400 meters for men and women. Our countryman Merdan Atayev reached the final swim on the back at a distance of 50 meters and took seventh place.

A bowling match took place in doubles for men. The results of our sportsmen in this discipline did not allow them to enter the quarterfinals. The first place was awarded to Seon Yong Cho and Hevon Kang from the Republic of Korea.

In the sum of three game days, the Turkmen chess player Meilis Annaberdyev scored 4 points, Khandjar Odeyev scored 3.5 points, in the female category, Makhri Geldiyeva and Bahar Hallayeva had 3 points. Fights on chessboards in singles finish tomorrow and the results of all games will determine the winners in this discipline. In the following days, team competitions begin in rapid and blitz.

Weightlifters figured out the winner in the amount of snatch and jerk and in weight categories up to 94 kg for men and up to 75 kg for women. Our weightlifter Ruslan Ramazanov took 10th place in Group A. Sohrab Moradi from the Islamic Republic of Iran became the winner.