Spiritual affinity of the Turkmen and Kazakh peoples in the new issue of “Belt&Road on the Silk road”

Spiritual affinity of the Turkmen and Kazakh peoples in the new issue of “Belt&Road on the Silk road”

ORIENT, despite its very young age according to the standards of the mass media – the site is only in its fourth year – has already managed to acquire a number of information partners of various levels, with some of which we have not only business, but quite friendly relations.

One of these friends and partners is the monthly magazine “Belt&Road on the Silk road”, appeared in the capital of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan since January this year with the support of the Xinhua Chinese News Agency. The concept of the new edition was the revival of the Silk road, and the foundations on which modern relations between states along the new “Belt and road” are still being built. Let’s recall that seven years ago, the capital of Kazakhstan put forward an initiative called “One belt, one road”, which turned out to be not just a beautiful large-scale project, but also remained on paper. It really worked. And it started working immediately, involving all new countries, cities and regions in its orbit.

In its new, sixth issue of the magazine, the editorial board of “Belt&Road on the Silk road” shared with readers the publication “Spiritual affinity of the peoples of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan: to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev”, published on ORIENT at the end of May. Selbi Charyeva, a regular author of the Media-Turkmen News Agency, in her article investigated the phenomenon of spiritual kinship and the continuing rapprochement of the peoples of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan through the work of a remarkable poet.

Well, in the last issue of the monthly publication “Belt&Road on the Silk road”, the article “Transit innovation of the railway service”, dedicated to the growth of transit traffic from China through the territory of Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan and further to Europe, deserves attention.