Spanish duet will compete for victory in the Turkmen desert

Spanish duet will compete for victory in the Turkmen desert

The Spanish team X-Raid: pilot Nani Roma and navigator Alex Aro, performing in the Mini class have joined more than 80 crews from 21 countries participating in the rally “Amul Khazar 2018”.

Racer Hoan Nani Roma, the winner of the Dakar-2014, was involved in an accident in the third stage of the Dakar-2018 rally. “Mini” Spaniard turned over 1 km before the end of the 296-kilometer special stage. After the jump and hard landing, Roma fainted, but still continued to squeeze on the gas pedal. His navigator Alex Aro pulled the handbrake then, and the car rolled over. The crew did get to the finish line, and then Roma was immediately sent to the hospital by a helicopter, where he was diagnosed with head and neck injuries.

Half a year was required for restoration, and then Nani Roma took part in the marathon “Silk Road”, where he finished only in 19th place, and in the Hungarian Baja – the eighth stage of the World Cup in rally-races in August.

Will the Turkmen desert be supportive of them? 45-year-old Nani Roma said, that he “wants and is ready to fight for the victory.”

Perhaps for him the race in Karakum will become a rehearsal for the next Dakar, but it is possible that all the previous “dakars” will be a rehearsal for the Karakum.

At least, he is looking forward to a big quest. “Five stages, a sea of sand, endless barkhans … a difficult navigation, where Alex will have very hard work,” added Roma