Songs of Magomayev, friendship of nations and gratitude for peace – concert devoted to the 75th Anniversary of Victory for Ashgabat inhabitants

Songs of Magomayev, friendship of nations and gratitude for peace – concert devoted to the 75th Anniversary of Victory for Ashgabat inhabitants

Famous creative personalities often become reference points for young people. The owner of the velvet baritone Muslim Magomayev left a bright mark in the history of musical culture and to this day is an example of imitation for beginning talented performers.

An adorer of the famous singer – Ashgabat citizen David Kevorkov told ORIENT about how he became involved in music thanks to the creative work of Magomayev, learned a lot of his songs and even in a short time mastered the clarinet.

“Even in kindergarten, the teacher constantly told me that I was very similar to Muslim Magomayev, at that moment I didn’t even know who it was, – says David. – And then I watched old recordings on the Internet and realized that the singer’s work is very close to my spirit. His songs are filled with deep meaning, so they will never be out of fashion. I started learning these songs, and it turned out that I have musical abilities. My father was very fond of the violin, and he assigned me to a music school in the violin class. But the stringed instrument did not become “native” for me. And I almost immediately left the music school.”

David Kevorkov did not give up his passion for music and was constantly looking for new inspirational melodies for himself. So, one day a young man heard the famous clarinetist Alexander Bagdasarov’s play, and asked his parents to buy him a cherished musical instrument. Doubting that his son would actually become a clarinetist, his father bought him the simplest clarinet, and David began taking private lessons.

“I worked on the clarinet for 8 hours a day and did not get tired at all, I really liked it. My teacher Aidym Jafarovich Mamedov, whom I am eternally grateful, really taught me a lot. For three years, I fell in love with this musical instrument, and learned to play well.

Despite the fact that David Kevorkov is not a graduate of a specialized music school, he could prove to himself and others that talent is 99% of labor. In 2018, Moscow hosted the “Triumph” competition and festival, where David performed on clarinet “Aina” composition by the outstanding Turkmen composer Nury Halmamedov. Having took the jury by storm with his virtuoso performance, the new-sprung musician received the title of first-degree laureate.

“Music is my “professional” hobby, – says David. – I communicate with the clarinet as a friend who needs attention, I perceive it as a living being, an extension of myself, if you prefer. Naturally, before each performance, I feel a strong excitement, but I try to overcome it by believing in the power of music. You must always keep moving forward, if you stop, you will fall.”

Today the fellow is working on a solo music program – “Thank you for everything”. The 75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War is approaching, and the musician wants to pay tribute to all participants of the great battle for peace on earth with a new concert program.

– There is probably no one whose ancestors did not participate in this war. Therefore, the program of the international concert is a kind of gratitude and a message for everyone – “People, take care of the world!”. I will sing pop songs in different languages with a special love for my native country. Songs by Atajan Berdyev, Atageldy Garyagdyev and, of course, Muslim Magomayev. Friendship of nations is the main theme of the concert.

David Kevorkov invites everyone to a musical evening that will take place on January 25 in the “Vatan” Concert Hall.