Song as soul: the piano and its serious consequences for Maysa Niyazova

Song as soul: the piano and its serious consequences for Maysa Niyazova

On Thursday, on October 3, in Ashgabat the charitable concert in which famous singer of Turkmenistan Maysa Niyazova will take part, will be held. The daughter of repeated world champion in shooting range – legends of Turkmen sports Marat Niyazov, has magnificent voice and is not an ordinary person and very interesting interlocutor.

On the eve of the concert correspondent of the ORIENT mixed with Maysa who told a little about herself, her life and about whence her predilection for music takes roots.

The girl often supports charitable actions. For example, her performance first in life took place on the stage of the Ashgabat cinema “Vatan”. At the concert organised in honour of Day of Protection of Children, Maysa sang the song «A small country» by Natasha Korolyova.

– Of course, it was very much excitingly, – the singer remembers. – For the first time on the stage and at once 600 persons in the hall. Indeed I also did not dream to become a singer. In childhood, like many others, I went to a music school, was engaged in a piano class, but finished only 4 classes. And then we with our family left…

The most part of her life Maysa spent abroad, having returned home in 2008, she began to sing. And not something, a distinctive singer has begun with jazz.

– I sang jazz songs to the music of the grand piano, without record sound – simply grand piano and I. I do not know at all, who has imparted to me such love to music. When I was 7 years old, I let know my parents that I want to have the piano. They bought it for me and told: «Now it is necessary to go to music school». I was in shock that the piano’s purchase meant such “serious” consequences, – Maysa laughs. – Probably, all the same, parents imparted to me the love to music. At our place there was a player, and any music constantly played.

So in the musical life of the Turkmen capital a new star has suddenly lighted up. Now Maysa Niyazova actively combines her basic work with concerts. She very often acts and considers singing her second trade.

– The public for me as sun when from people there come positive – One would also desire to present them excellent mood and pleasure in answer. The Turkmen public is very sympathetic, actors very well welcome. After each concert people approach, tell kind, pleasant words, this charge of emotions lasts for a month, – the vocalist shares.

At the concert on October 3 (20:00б TC “Charvadar”), Maysa Niyazova will act with fine musicians: Vladimir Mkrtumov, Igor Shevtsov, and Timur Orayev. The program includes about 20 songs. Hits of western performers who are at the top of world musical charts will sound.

Today popular soloist Maysa Niyazova advises all who wants to sing, not to be afraid of anything. To expand the outlook is not to copy someone’s manner of performance but is to search for yourself, to communicate with other singers. One should constantly study: to sing, paly musical instruments and many other things. Indeed, each new side of the world expands the range of the actor, the soul of a person. And song is always the soul.

Svetlana MAYAK