Snow-white magic in the Kopetdag Mountains

Snow-white magic in the Kopetdag Mountains

The capital city area of Turkmenistan plunged into a magical winter fairy tale. And if on the busy streets of Ashgabat the snow quickly dispersed, then the tops of the Kopetdag Mountains were covered with a dense snow crust. Many townspeople, putting aside their day-to-day activities, rushed towards the falling snow outside the city.

The Ashgabat cable way “Asma Ýoly” resembled the famous ski resort in the French Alps. The funicular cabins took impressed visitors into the snow-covered foggy distance, and everyone tried to capture the inimitable shots of the winter of the outgoing 2020 on a mobile phone camera.

New Year’s celebrations are coming, and it is not surprising to see the famous Turkmen Santa Claus (Ayaz Baba) and his granddaughter Snow Maiden (Garpamyk) on the cable way. The main characters of the New Year’s Holiday greet the guests on the snow-covered path, wish them health and congratulate them on the upcoming celebrations.

And for those who are freezing, the “Asma Ýoly” personnel carefully offer warm blankets and remind that there is a small cafe at the peak point of the cable way where they can have a snack and warm up.

The snow-white sceneries caught in the lens of ORIENT photojournalists convey the atmosphere that reigned in the Kopetdag Mountains. According to scientists, snow is a peculiar form of precipitation, but for most of the Turkmenistan citizens, each snowflake is a small heavenly miracle.