Snow Maiden and Santa Claus – what is it like to be the main characters of the New Year’s Holiday?

Snow Maiden and Santa Claus – what is it like to be the main characters of the New Year’s Holiday?

No New Year’s Holiday is complete without fairy-tale heroes – Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snow Maiden. The companion of the famous grandfather is beautiful, always friendly and smiling. Children are very fond of her, and no one suspects that being a Snow Maiden is quite a difficult job. Let’s try to find out how is that to work when everyone has a holiday?

A wonderful beauty can have up to 15 performances a day, and her work does not end even on the festive night from December 31 to January 1. On the contrary, you need to timely visit all the children, listen to the poems prepared by them, and give New Year’s gifts and good mood.

Kids are often afraid of their first meeting with Santa Claus, and begin to cry in fright at the sight of such a dimensional character. To put the children at ease, give them the opportunity to get used to the fabulous guests, and to keep some intrigue, the main helper of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden appears before the audience.

– It’s a pleasure to work with children who sincerely believe you, and are glad to meet you. Their eyes are filled with happiness. And Snow Maiden should be able to surprise and be prepared for surprises. Sometimes unplanned situations happen at matinees, where an artistic skill is required in order to get out of the situation and not let the holiday get upset, Snow Maiden Adelina says.

The girl has been playing this part at children’s matinees for three years now. She can sing, dance with children, and ask complicated riddles. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the main load of entertainment programme falls on her. Not every Santa Claus can stand this New Year’s marathon…

– This year, I have tried on the image of the year’s symbol, and had to perform at several children’s shows in a costume of a mouse named Pik. I liked this role very much, which I think I got by chance. I hope it will have some effect, and 2020 will turn out a lucky year for me. To fit the image of a mouse, I draw myself a nose and whiskers, and then I run to the next performance, but already as a Snow Maiden. I have to change my makeup several times a day. I don’t even think about fatigue, the children charge with such a positive that it lasts for the whole next year.

And how is that for Santa Claus at children’s parties and corporate parties for adults?

– I thought it would be easier, David says. – It is a year now since I have begun to perform as Santa Claus. I have experience as an animator, but here it is a completely different responsibility. Communicating with children requires extreme sincerity. Otherwise they will not believe that you are the well-known wizard.