“Snow” games for all the family

“Snow” games for all the family

White marble-coated Ashkhabad has turned into a snow kingdom – someone catches snowflakes with mittens and someone simply admires the onset of real winter.

Looking at falling snowflakes, it would be desirable to stop this wonderful instant to understand – why snow at all causes mass pleasant sensations? The soul is overflowed with joyful emotions and, despite age, start to trust in a miracle.

Snowy winter is wonderful time for the diversified and cheerful entertainments. In the presence of snow and a little bit of imagination, it is possible to spend time perfectly without any toys. Though with them, of course, games and entertainments for children will become even more interesting.

The most popular winter games is “firing” by snowballs, driving from hills or on ice, a moulding of “snowmen” and building of snow fortresses. ORIENT has decided to share some interesting versions of “snow” games.

How to make snow coloured? Very simply: take a water colour or gouache and paint in advance moulded sculptures – it is possible to apply a make-up on a snowman, or simply to draw on snow or on ice. For this purpose you will need a plastic bottle with several holes in a cover. The filled colour water the plastic vessel will help draw, and even write various wishes to your friends.

The game «models your double». On separate lists names of all participants of game are written. Then players start to draw carefully mixed pieces of paper by turns. The game’s gaol is to mould from snow a figure of the one whose name you has drawn. An important detail – during the work it is impossible to say aloud the name of the one who you mould. The author of the sculpture which is recognized the most similar to the original, becomes winner.

The game of “Treasure hunter” will suit both children, and adults. For it, it is necessary to choose in advance a platform and to designate the territory with branches. One player turns away, and another digs in “treasure” – a cone, a sweet or any other subject, and masks “hiding place”, powdering with a snowball. The first player turns and starts to search for “treasure”. It is possible even to bury two treasures. It will especially please the child if he, instead of one sweet, starts to search whole two!

Except games, in the snowy weather it is possible to arrange winter picnic. For this purpose it is just necessary with oneself to take a thermos for a walk and cookies with rolls. Hot tea in the open air, moreover when the frost slightly bites your cheeks, gives all participants who go out in nature, incomparable pleasure.

Mahri Yagmurova