Smart home: household smart technologies in Turkmenistan

Smart home: household smart technologies in Turkmenistan

Smart homes are no longer just a vision of the future – connected homes and gadgets are quickly becoming the norm. Smart tech has gone beyond the label of a home accessory and has transformed the way people live their everyday lives, providing with comfort and safety.

The priority in the use of an automated control system over the general functionality of the house is given to the optimal consumption of electricity, saving water consumption and preventing critical situations.

MimiSmart company has been operating in Turkmenistan for several years. It has been providing smart home devices for increased comfort.

“Now, to turn on or off the lights, you do not need to use the switch every time,” Arslan Bazarbayev, a representative of MimiSmart in Turkmenistan, says. “You can control your home appliances and protect your homes remotely from your smartphones or tablets. The only thing you need is to install our devices and download the application to the gadget.”

The digital complex supports more than 500 functions. Devices to check the flow of water, electricity, gas, as well as climate control, video surveillance and multi-room – each function can be controlled by pressing just one button. At the same time, an apartment equipped with a smart home system consumes 30 percent less energy.

The initial package of the developed programs is being completed taking into account the wishes of a customer. Individual control features, like turning off the washing machine or a voice order to assemble the sofa or close the curtains can be added to existing settings.

“The feature of the “smart home” is that you can control the home appliances remotely,” Arslan continues. The main thing is to have the Internet connected. The small motion detectors react to activity in the house. If you, leaving a home, forget to turn off the lights or turn off the kettle, the Smart Home will do it for you. Also, the emergency control function provides control for the leakage of gas, water, a fire hazard and will certainly inform the owner about the condition of the home.”

Remote video surveillance, adjusting of heating and ventilation systems and even more. A “smart home” is not a useless toy or expensive pleasure, but a very reasonable investment, giving a better chance of preventing an issue, such as a circuit or power failure, before the damage is serious. Smart security systems are reliably protected with passwords; there is a warranty period and constant support of the resource center.

MimiSmart company on regular basis takes part in scientific exhibitions, demonstrating the full functionality of the “smart home” in show rooms. The company would showcase at the upcoming XII International Exhibition and Scientific Conference of telecommunications and information technologies “Turkmentel-2019”, which will be held on November 27-28 in Ashgabat.