Sky News told about the successful experience of Turkey in fighting COVID-19

Sky News told about the successful experience of Turkey in fighting COVID-19

The British TV channel Sky News prepared a special report about the successful experience of Turkey in fighting against the spread of the novel coronavirus infections (COVID-19).

The British journalists drew attention to formation of special groups (filiation teams) in Turkey on revealing of the contacts infected with COVID-19. «These teams work, as if detectives. According to the Turkish authorities, the given system of teams helps to supervise distribution of the dangerous infection in the country», – marks the TV channel.

One more condition of success of Turkey in fighting against the pandemic is revealing of the dangerous virus at an early stage and active course of treatment, as is told in the reporting.

And the attention was drawn to carrying out more than 4, 7 million tests for presence of the dangerous virus in Turkey. Thus, last week the number recovered from coronavirus in the country, exceeded the quantity of new cases COVID-19, marks the British TV channel.

Correspondent Sky News Alex Crawford took part in the work of one of teams on revealing of contacts (filiation team) with patients of COVID-19, and also communicated to doctors of infectious diseases units of hospitals of Istanbul.

In Turkey the special mobile application which also promotes struggle against the pandemic was developed. Thus only in Istanbul 24 laboratories on testing the novel coronavirus infection, including at the airports were created. Presence of coronavirus was revealed also by tomography.

Patients who develop an easy form of the illness, they give out preparation Favipavir and they in five days can be discharged from hospital. The critical patients get plasma of blood from people already infected with coronavirus. These transfusions are some kind of vaccine and rescue for many people, doctors speak.