Singing – as a need to empathize and share joy

Singing – as a need to empathize and share joy

Elena Oreshkina is remembered by her classmates as a girl with a guitar. Indeed, it was the Ashgabat School No. 46 where the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Friendship” was organized, as part of which her musical path began.

Since childhood, the future vocalist has been attracted to music. She fell asleep and woke up with a song. When the girl was first taken to music school, she chose the violin as her instrument. But she failed to succeed at the school for routine everyday causes.

Already much later, when Elena grew up and became independent, music broke into her life as a new wave. As they say, no flying from fate. School singing teacher Vilen Saatsazov offered a talented girl to learn first to play a bass, and then the classical six-string guitar.

Soon, Lena began to appear on the stage with a guitar, singing and accompanying herself. Those days, a girl with the guitar looked very bold, like something extraordinary. And Lena quickly became known and popular thanks to her unusually strong voice and her unfailing six-string instruments. The school ensemble with her participation successfully toured around the Soviet Union.

At the time of admission to the music school, Elena Oreshkina had already graduated from the College of Economics and was a student of the Trade and Economics Department of the Institute of National Economy. But the craving for music again prevailed.

– I really liked to sing, and once I went to a music school, just to “be listened”. I sang only one song “Lullaby of Svetlana”, and was immediately enrolled in the course of great vocal teacher Nina Alekseyevna Shumskaya, Oreshkina recalls.

The stage of the Ashgabat House of Officers has become almost the home of the already mature singer. Oreshkina often performed before the military personnel, and in 1989 she toured Afghanistan, where she gave a concert for soldiers in the field.

Throughout her life, the singer has been composing poems and songs. She considers her composition about friendship between the peoples of Russia and Turkmenistan to be her pride. For this creation she was awarded the honorary medal of Moscow State University named after Mikhail Lomonosov at the Congress of Compatriots in Moscow in 2001.

Recently, Elena Oreshkina celebrated her birthday, and next year she will celebrate her anniversary. The singer is still busy with creative activities, sings at meetings of veterans, charity concerts, and writes poems.

She believes that the more good you give to people, the more you will get in return. She sings about friendship, people and her native land, where she is happy to live, create and love. And singing is as natural for her as breathing, and giving her spiritual warmth is as the need to share joy.