Sing along with me: waiting for new music experiments from Tahir Atayev

Sing along with me: waiting for new music experiments from Tahir Atayev

On August 4, Vatan Cinema and Concert Hall of Ashgabat hosted an unusual concert of string orchestra of Tahir Atayev. The musicians, inspired by the idea of fusion different genres, classical music to the passions of the hard rock, conducted daring experience, combining both music styles. The experiment was successful; classic and rock music have featured each other without spoiling the content of the concert.

There are no boundaries for music, both youth and older generation came to enjoy the “Bohemian Rhapsody” at full music house.

“The young musicians are working enthusiastically,” says music expert Elena, who watched over the work of the orchestra throughout the year. “This concert is a kind of summary on activity, collection of the best songs that have been already performed earlier.”

At the entrance to the hall, there was a small box with white sheets for guests, who would like to give a feedback about concert.

“It is very important to us to learn the opinion of our listeners,” Tahir explains.

We talked to the conductor after the concert. Handsome young man with ambitious plans.

“I have long wanted to join in one concert the classic music and some other style that closer to the young one. I am glad that our idea was accepted. Today I especially felt the energy and support of the hall”.

“To surprise and please the audience, we rehearsed every day. You should to calm down a bit, become aware of everything, recover, and analyze everything with musicians and move on. There is an idea to prepare a program dedicated to Michael Jackson’s songs.”

The audience appreciated the variety of concert performances, including a potpourri of Piazzola’s compositions – the most famous of which is Libertango.

The audience liked the pleasant deep voice of Kakadjan Haldurdiyev and the indefatigable optimism in voice of Bahar Durdiyeva.

“I am very glad that we succeeded, I have long wanted to perform with the orchestra of Tahir Atayev. This is his first collaboration with vocalists and I am so grateful to him for the invitation,” Bahar says with a smile.

Although she herself studied to be a classic vocalist, she loves popular music as well. Bahar is inspired by singers like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Adele and even Alla Pugacheva.

“I still have vocal classes under professional teacher, because there is no limit to perfection,” the solo singer shares. “The composition “Imagine” was performed by many famous artists, I didn’t choose it, I was offered to sing it, and I think I did a good job.”

Bahar was right, the audience immediately responded to the gentle melody of The Beatles with flashlights on the smartphone directed to the stage. It was one of the most remarkable moments of the event.

Aleksandr Kochetov performed on the stage with incredible energy, rhythmically beating off with his feet and hands Queen’s famous song “We will rock you”.

The audience happy welcomed the solo singer as well as sang along with him in a loud voice and danced.

And, of course, “We are the Champions”, the most iconic song of the group, was performed. It is a favorite composition of sport events; during prestigious competitions, this music often performs to award and glorify the winners.

“The music of Queen will live forever. We just want to show how we see and how we feel it,” the conductor notes.

“Life of my life” and “The show must go on” have been performed amazing as a final chord of the summer concert “Bohemian Rhapsody”

The audience gave standing ovation and did not want to leave the hall. The musicians pleased the listeners with the encore, and the driving chorus “We will, we will rock you” performed again …

Svetlana MAYAK