Silver Cup of the International festival goes to «Lachyn» Turkmen folklore group

Silver Cup of the International festival goes to «Lachyn» Turkmen folklore group

In Turkish city Bursa the 33rd international competition of folk dances «Altyn Garagöz» («Golden Garagoz») was completed. In the prestigious international competition Turkmenistan was represented by «Lachyn» dance and folklore music group.

The international competition, the organizer of which is “Türksoy”, the International Organization of Turkic Culture, is popular not only among Turkic speaking peoples. In the present music competition folklore groups from 26 countries, including such countries as Mexico, Bulgaria and others took part and performances were of several stages and were held in different places.

In spite of high tension of the competition «Lachyn» Turkmen dance and music group won second place securing the Silver Cup and winning a 3 thousand euro cash award.

By conditions of the competition the attention was attached to the skill of expression of originality of folk dances, features of traditions and customs through the language of art of dancing and display of a modern impersonation of colours of national costumes and others. And of course, their artistic and performance skills were also evaluated.

«Lachyn» folklore group – participant of numerous international festivals and competitions. Upon performance of folklore programs in modern interpretation of folklore the group differs with its very careful approach to the original. Colourful Turkmen costumes, perfect movements of actors accompanied by melodies in modern arrangement upon play of national instruments evoked a sincere rapture of spectators, and involuntary feeling of sympathy of a strict panel of juries.