Shvydkoy – Russian Government Prize winner for his contribution to development of the media 2019

Shvydkoy – Russian Government Prize winner for his contribution to development of the media 2019

Mikhail Shvydkoy was the winner of one of ten prizes in the amount of 1 million rubles established by the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of mass media. He was nominated by Dmitry Medvedev.

Last year, the activity of Shvydkoy as a Co-Chair of the Board of the International Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS Member States (IFHC), representative of the Russian Federation in the Council for the Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS Member States, and special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for international cultural cooperation very closely related to the implementation of the concept of Turkmenistan’s Presidency of the Commonwealth.

A vivid example is the 14th Forum of Creative and Scientific Intelligentsia, which Ashgabat hosted in May 2019. The event brought together cultural and art workers from all over the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as drew attention to key humanitarian issues such as development of the writing community, the exchange of highly intellectual personnel, continuous cooperation in the field of science, further implementation of cultural diplomacy.

Then Mikhail Shvydkoy repeatedly noted that “we must not allow the future of our children to be inhumane”. For this, numerous projects are initiated and supported to collaborate and broaden knowledge about cultural traditions of the neighboring fraternal nations, their art and history.

This key message was continued at the Summit of the CIS Foreign Ministers and the Council of the Heads of State, held in Ashgabat on October 10 and 11. Mikhail Yefimovich insisted again and again: humanitarian cooperation is a key to successful international partnership.

– During Turkmenistan’s Presidency of the CIS, several very important from my point of view events took place. For example, the 14th Forum of Scientific and Creative Intelligentsia in Ashgabat showed how deeply the importance of humanitarian cooperation is understood in Turkmenistan. It was very important for us.

The awarding of the prize in the field of media is a confirmation of the continuous work that IFHC and Mikhail Shvydkoy personally carry out to develop a common humanitarian space and intercultural dialogue in the Commonwealth by supporting and implementing joint activities in the field of culture, education, science, preservation of cultural heritage, information and mass communications, sports, tourism, youth outreach.