“Shirin ovazy” TV program introduces the world to modern Turkmen music

“Shirin ovazy” TV program introduces the world to modern Turkmen music

The glorious names of the musical past such as Nury Halmamedov, Chary Nurymov, Veli Muhatov, Danatar Ovezov and many others directly influenced the present generation of Turkmen musicians. Thanks to them, amazing Turkmen folk music burst into classical melodies and remained their integral part.

But who carries on their work today, and will continue the musical traditions of the Turkmens? The authors of the “Shirin ovazy” (“Sweet melody”) program on Yashlyk TV channel answer this question.

The program introduces the Turkmen and foreign audiences to the country’s modern musical talents. Gold baritone Atageldy Garyagdyyev, gentle soprano Aina Seyitkuliyeva, composer and teacher Meret Annamuradov and many other outstanding figures of our days visited the studio. All of them are actively performing both in the country and abroad, representing Turkmen art on world stages.

The peculiarity of the “Shirin ovazy” program is live sound. Chamber Orchestra, consisting of students of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva, performs works in a classical arrangement without backing tapes, and therefore the program is pleasant and useful not only to watch, but also to listen. Both TNC teachers and students conduct the orchestra.

During the program, guests also tell about themselves, their creative path, give advices to beginner performers. This significantly enhances music lovers’ knowledge of modern Turkmen artists and increases interest in development of musical art in the country as a whole.

In the future, editors plan to reveal to the general public even more talents in different genres. Many names may be familiar to the general public, and some will be known only among a narrow circle. But it will be interesting to everyone!

A new issue of “Shirin ovazy” is broadcasted every Sunday on the Yashlyk TV channel after the evening “Vatan” news program. And it always differs from the previous issue, because all the guests are unique, and their bright talents are inimitable.