Seyitnepes Nepesov: the destiny or a surprising case which has changed all the life?

Seyitnepes Nepesov: the destiny or a surprising case which has changed all the life?

The dancing style of this remarkable actor cannot be confused with any another. The accurate, carefully perfected gesture, measured movement on the stage, limiting laconicism of movements and suits are here those features which at once distinguish the honoured worker of art of Turkmenistan Seyitnepes Nepesov. The remarkable ballet dancer, outstanding choreographer, person of unique talent and huge creative energy for many years has brought really an invaluable contribution to culture.

– I do not know at all that it is the destiny or a surprising case which has changed all my life, – started conversation the honoured worker of art. I was born during heavy post-war time in 1945. My father – front-line soldier, participated in the war till its end, but fell victim during the Ashgabat earthquake of 1948. My mum raised us alone, undertook any work to give children a start in life. Here, of course, there was no time for dances. But, as they say – “you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear”, indeed my ancestors as well my brother, liked to play the dutar. It was my brother who taught me to sing.

In 1958 accompanied by his brother Seyitnepes from the western region of the country comes to enter the republican musical boarding school in Ashgabat. Here the teaching of his brother – singing and playing the dutar was also useful. He was admitted into the clarinet class of teacher A.S.Saparov, having studied under whom a year, young Seyitnepes goes to spend his holiday in the camp. And there his destiny also changes cardinally.

– In summer in the school camp there arrived the commission led by Kosha Japarov for selection of children to the choreographic school of Moscow. From all children 12 persons were chosen and among them was also I, – Nepesov continues.

So, Seyitnepes starts to study in Moscow under the guidance of legendary teachers – O.A.Ilina, J.G.Kondratova, P.A.Pestov and others.

– On arrival in Moscow the difficult, but remarkable life I started to experience, – the choreographer remembers. – The first year I cried, I would like to quit all and return back, but I was supported by letters from my home. If not my relatives, I could not move forward and would not achieve success. I very much tried, and in due course all was adjusted. P.A.Pestov who educated in his class almost all soloists and leading actors of the Bolshoi theatre was my teacher. He was a very demanding person – to bring one movement to perfection, we happened to do it for hours. The discipline in school was rigid: 8 school hours, then rehearsals in the Bolshoi theatre where we, pupils, were involved in performances. For example, I danced characters of all mice, tell-tales and others in “Nutcracker”. And we very much were proud of the small roles on the stage.

Having finished his study, Seyitnepes comes back to Ashgabat and starts to work at the opera and ballet theatre named after Mahtumkuli.

– I have been in art for 55 years now and if to include there the period of my training that is all 62 years! – Nepesov tells. – In 1965 when I was admitted as soloist of the troupe of the opera and ballet theatre named after Mahtumkuli, I felt, as on the star platform. I had a possibility to work with coryphaeuses of stage – Kosha Japarov, Alexander Sonin, Kerim Niyazov, graduates of the Moscow, Leningrad, Tashkent choreographic schools – G.Musaev, G.Hummaeva, V.Tsopkin and others. Each performance for me was unique, and I with a great care treat my work. I remember, having been traumatised my foot, laid in plaster. But when I was called from theatre, I, without thinking twice, removed plaster, took a stick and stepped onto the stage, which is the best medicine for me.

More than 30 years Seyitnepes Nepesov danced on the stage of theatre leading parties in ballets «Swan lake», “Giselle”, “Corsair”, «Kugitansky tragedy», “Nisa”, «Heart found in sand», «Aldar kose». The national actress of Turkmenistan Roza Turaeva remembers: «Seyit was a fine, characteristic dancer. His virtuosity, ease, uniqueness invariably caused a storm of applause. He literally soared on the stage …»

After dancing career Nepesov starts to work as a choreographer. He prepares dancing programs in performances of the Academic theatre named after Mollanepes, Russian drama theatre named after A.S.Pushkin, Theatre of young spectators. Gradually Seyitnepes Nepesov collects more than forty of his own performances.

Nepesov is considered the founder of choreographic branch of the music school which was opened in 1981. Getting correspondence education at the State Teacher Training college of Turkmenistan and in parallel working as a choreographer, he with his students takes part in the All-Union and international competitions where his students receive prize-winning places and are awarded diplomas.

One of the schoolgirls and students of Seyitnepes Nepesov, who nowadays heads the department of choreography of the specialized boarding school of music Yelena Seyitkulieva remembers: «… the festival was very authoritative. Pupils from Russia, the states of Baltic and Central Asia, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands gathered there. As a part of jury there were very famous dancers: Gabriela Komleva, Vyacheslav Gordeyev, Raisa Struchkova, Mahmud Esambaev, and others. We were solemnly awarded the third award, and we personally from hands of Esambaeva received «crystal ballerina», diplomas and gifts. All were amazed that we, pupils of the music school, were so competently trained, and, certainly, it is a merit of our teacher Seyitnepes Nepesov».

More half a century devoted life to art of dance and almost 40 years worked as a choreographer at school, the honoured worker of art has trained hundreds of dancers and teachers. Some of students of Seyitnepes Nepesov educate a new generation of ballet dancers and continue traditions of his school, and some continue study in the Russian academies of dance.

Having experienced a big and difficult, but an interesting course of life, at his 75 Nepesov says: «I am glad that I have lived to today that there are forces and desire to work, I have students and demanded business to which I have devoted all my life».

Students of the specialized boarding school of music at the Turkmen National conservatory named after Maya Kulieva has celebrated one of these days the anniversary of the remarkable ballet dancer, the choreographer conducting the teacher of department of choreography of the specialized boarding school of music, the founder of professional choreographic school in Turkmenistan, the honoured worker of art of Turkmenistan Seyitnepes Nepesov. The atmosphere of evening was the emotional and touching, filled memoirs on creativity and life of the actor.

Charismatic Seyitnepes Nepesov in his soul is still all the same enthusiastic youth bewitched by dance, the youth considering with his skill to do world around us better by means of art. We hope that the choreographer will please us with his creativity, comprehending unsolved secrets of dancing art, and the next year is the 40th anniversary of the choreographic branch and we hope to see his new performances.

Mahri Yagmurova