Seeing off winter or music therapy from young artists

Seeing off winter or music therapy from young artists

Ashgabat musicians decided to celebrate the last day of winter – February 29th, falling out only once every four years, in a special way. Violinist Meilis Khydyrov, percussionist Rakhim Rejepov and dutarist Sohbet Annamuradov prepared an original concert program for music lovers called “Joy of February”.

The audience will find a combination of classical and national music, a mixture of European hits with oriental tunes, extraordinary and bold arrangements for the compositions of Nury Halmamedov and much more. The main message of the concert is the onset of spring, a time when nature blooms and transforms. The musical event will take place the nearest Saturday evening in the Vatan cinema and concert hall.

“I like the culture of India, especially its characteristic music,” says Meilis Khydyrov. – I can’t resist the temptation and not play any incendiary melody from the repertoire of Indian masters at the concert. – Of course, my work is not limited to this. I try to listen to the advice of experienced people, those who have traveled around the world and are well versed in the musical trends of the present. My comrade, associate and friend Rakhimberdy Karimov, whose opinion is very important to me, always helps me when composing a concert program.

“We met Meilis two years ago,” says neurologist Rakhimberdy Karimov. – And since then they have become very friendly. Music is not only my hobby, sometimes I prescribe it to my patients as a means to improve the general condition of the body. Music therapy is akin to healing the body and soul. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to pick up pieces of music that have an immunostimulating effect on everyone. Composing the concert repertoire, Meilis and I sat up until late at night.

Meilis Khydyrov began playing the violin at the age of five, graduated from a specialized music school, and then the Turkmen National Conservatory. Variety and classical music have become a priority for the violinist, and the young musician has already released several albums and performed more than a thousand works.

There will be a place for creative tandems at the concert, along with the melodic violin of Meilis Khydyrov, the “magic” dutar of Sohbet Annamuradov will also play. The musicians will perform works from the movie “Secrets of Mukam”.

Sohbet Annamuradov is also known to the public for his acting work. He – the great-grandson of folk musician, composer and bakhshi Mylla Tachmuradov – inherited musical talent from his great-grandfather and was invited to the main role in the film “Nejep Oglan”. Having embodied the image of Bakhshi on the screen, the young man thus paid tribute to the memory of his outstanding ancestor.

– I starred in many films and videos, but for myself I single out two of the most striking works – these are filming in the film adaptation of the folk destan Nejep Oglan and the historical film Magtymguly, where I played the role of the most legendary poet. It was a great honor for me to get used to the image of a classic of Turkmen literature. Although filming a movie and playing music on stage is not the same thing, I like that two different directions in art complement each other on the set,” says Sohbet.

Percussionist Rakhim Rejepov will also perform several musical compositions together with Meilis Khydyrov. For a long time, working under the leadership of the national artist of Turkmenistan Hakberdy Allamuralov, Rakhim improved his drumming and soon gained popularity due to his high professionalism and charisma.

Truly, isn’t spending the final day of winter in the company of talented young artists the best leisure for the soul?