Secrets of horse breeding from the seyis

Secrets of horse breeding from the seyis

Horse breeding in Turkmenistan is closely bound with national traditions, and today it is not only a subject of special pride and national property, but is also a whole industry. But even now the majority of us do not know what such cultivation of horses is, what breeders are engaged and what their basic goals are.

So, what the life of a horse breeder looks like? How hard is his work? How does he treat horses – as his work or as something especial? In order to understand all it better, we have talked to Tirkesh Yegshemov – seyis, whose Akhalteke racers have repeatedly won prize-winning places in races.

– To be a horse breeder is not a trade, but a mission, – Tirkesh says. – In horse breeding I am engaged for a long time, almost half a century was devoted to horses, and it began when I am still a boy at a stable. At that time I still went to school, I grazed cattle and liked to ride. In 10 years I had already become a quite good equestrian. And after school I worked in village as groom, spending all free time at the stable.

Looking after horses, Tirkesh at all had not noted, how in due course his love to them grew and strengthened more and more. In his native region not a single wedding did not take place without races, from 1986 Tirkesh himself began to participate in them – he was both a equestrian and seyis.

It may seem strange, but I talk with horses much, – the horse breeder continues his word. – The horse is both a friend, and a companion, you always feel it in an especial way. Bad horses do not happen, all of them are fair and straight. If something it does not like in a person- it will throw him off from a saddle.

Tirkesh told that a basis for successful work is ability to reveal a talented foal at the earliest stage. One should define it under the external data, a family tree and more distant ancestors of a racer, by its character, type of nervous system. In the course of time such experience merges with understanding at intuition level – what horse can become a true racer.

– Uniqueness of Akhalteke horses in many respects speaks of a special traditional training. It much depends both on its food allowance and how one treats a horse. The instructor of a racer should be not only a trainer, but also a good psychologist. And the horse should feel that on it a real horseman sits. Working with them, gradually you start to understand what Akhalteke horses feel and simply one cannot teach it in any courses.

The son of seyis Paltabay has followed the steps of his father and has become his good assistant. From early years he was devoted to horses, and now he is engaged in horse breeding, trains racers, repeatedly took part in races and won prize-winning places.

Having found the meaning of his life in horses, Tirkesh Yegshemov now works in a horse complex of Dashoguz region.

– Surprising, special Akhalteke horses demand also a special approach. But in hands of a skilled and patient trainer-seyis the racer is capable to show all talent and remarkable potential. The secret is simple – it is necessary to understand he language of a horse, – Tirkesh summed up.

Mahri Yagmurova