SCO: Turkmenistan has got an authority of a partner not subject to conjuncture and bias

SCO: Turkmenistan has got an authority of a partner not subject to conjuncture and bias

Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Vladimir Norov took part in the work of the online international conference and significance of the policy of neutrality, held today in Ashkhabad.

– the status of a neutral state contributes to the growth and strengthening of the authority of Turkmenistan in the international arena as a country aimed at developing mutually beneficial cooperation with all states and peoples of the world, as well as strictly complying with international legal norms and obligations, – Norov said.

In his speech he also noted that the international consulting firm «McKinsey Global Institute» recognised Turkmenistan as one of 18 countries showing stable and fast growth, advancing steady dynamics of world economic development.

– Strict adherence to the principles of neutrality gave Turkmenistan the credibility of a reliable, responsible and consistent partner in international circles, whose steps are not subject to conjuncture and bias, – Vladimir Norov stated.

The head of SOC highly appreciated the active assistance of Turkmenistan in settlement of peace and political situation in neighbouring Afghanistan that shows aspiration to development of relations of friendship, good neighbourhood and cooperation in the region.

– Against the pandemic of coronavirus, which has become a real threat of global scale, Turkmenistan undertakes effectual measures on overcoming negative consequences of the epidemic for national economy, keeps the stable and ordered economic development and achieves good results, – Vladimir Norov said.