Scientists have invented how to strengthen children’s immunity

Scientists have invented how to strengthen children’s immunity

Scientists in Finland invented a new format of playgrounds for kindergartens with use of natural materials to strengthen immunity of children.

As the constant life in city conditions can strongly damage development of immune system which does not adapt for wild nature, researchers tried to create platforms for children with plants and turf brought from wood, writes TASS.

On one of the platforms where the asphalt covering was replaced with brought natural materials, scientific observed a group of children within 28 days. They compared the time of children who were spending time on other, usual city platform.

Following the results of researches positive shifts in cells and proteins which are responsible for immunity, were found out.

Children who grew in “sterile” conditions of cities where streets are regularly cleaned, and in apartments ventilation with numerous filters works, possess weak immune system as their organism does not face such factors, as dust, dirt, pollen of plants.

These irritants strengthen immunity, form readiness of children’s organism adequately to react to these negative moments, – project head Maria Roslund marks.

She considers research results encouraging, having added that scientists will continue to study possibilities of strengthening of immune system for the account of “wood therapy».