Scientists and entrepreneurs are discussing the development of agricultural systems for growing onions

Scientists and entrepreneurs are discussing the development of agricultural systems for growing onions

The fight against onion pests and diseases is an urgent issue for everyone who is engaged in the cultivation of this crop. It is popularly believed that this common and familiar plant is able to resist various microbes, protect against viruses. But few people know that the onion itself is often vulnerable to pests that attack it.

Participants of the meeting held in the building of the Turkmen Agricultural University shared their experience and advices in this direction.

Suleiman Aimammedov, a 4th-year student of the Turkmen Agricultural University, spoke about his work in the greenhouse, the causes of onion diseases and methods of their treatment.

“Whatever the pests of onions are, their traces can be noticed quite easily. Signal of their appearance is yellowing and wilting of the feather, a noticeable stagnation of the plant, deformation or curvature of the aboveground part of the culture, – noted the student. – If you do not take the necessary measures in time, then the harvest of a useful vegetable will be lost almost completely.”

One of the participants and founders of this project – Ter önüm NGO promoter Dovletgeldi Ballyev noted that the demand for agricultural products grown in an ecologically clean area is increasing. The entrepreneur presented a diagram of the working process from the cultivation, proper storage of products to their delivery to the country’s domestic markets, as well as sending for export, and shared new ideas.

In order to combine science with business in agriculture, scientists have to engage in active research activities, study the principles of modern equipment destined to make technological processes more efficient.

Therefore, among attendees were scientists of the agricultural industry, faculty members and students of Turkmen universities, who answered questions from a scientific point of view. The role of science in modern agricultural business is great – a competent combination of theory and practice allows to get a generous harvest with excellent taste.

During the meeting, a very challenging presentation was made by entrepreneur Seiitmurad Odeniyazov, who initiated the participants into new varieties of onion seeds, and explained their features and benefits in cultivation. According to Seiitmurad, the distinctive feature of onions is the ability to grow it all year round when selecting the appropriate technology.

“Raw and saline soil. How and what can be sown there, what technologies can be used?” – this will be the topic of the next meeting, which will be held in the format of an online conference with the Dashoguz Agricultural University.