Science and poetry of Odek Odekov

Science and poetry of Odek Odekov

Google has developed an electronic application that creates poems in the style of famous poets by reference of artificial intelligence. Verse by Verse Program is based on a large collection of classic American poetry. Users of the app can create original poems by mixing the styles of famous authors. According to the developers, this program will serve as an excellent inspirational tool for modern poets.

Involuntarily, a line from Akhmatova’s poem comes to mind, “If you would know what rubbish poems grow from, without knowing shame”.

In an attempt to find out what the art of poetry is – the voice of reason or the state of the soul – ORIENT interviewed the honored Turkmen scientist, academician, Professor of Geophysics and Geology Odek Akchayevich Odekov. A world-renowned scientist, he made many discoveries in the scientific field, while for many years he wrote poems that were included in his author’s collection “I Still Fly in My Dream…”.

Odek Akchayevich is convinced that every person has a poetic gift that can and must be developed. The scientist does not position himself as a poet in the classical sense, and notes that most of the poems came to him in a dream. That is why his debut poetry collection has a characteristic title associated with the extramundane world of dreams.

“I wrote my first poem in 1989, when I was 55 years old,” says Odek Odekov. – I remember that moment very well. After my scientific article “Saving the Aral Sea at the expense of the Aral Sea” was published in the “Turkmenskaya Iskra”, I was invited to the State Planning Committee in Moscow. One day, after another interview, I was walking through the streets of Moscow to the hotel where I was staying, and suddenly the lines of my first poem in my life appeared in my head:

I talk to you a lot,
Don’t blame me for it.
I share my joy with you,
Be aware and accept all of this.

Soon the rhymes rained down as if out of the horn of plenty, and in 1994 the poetry collection of Odek Akchaevich was published, and then the famous scientist was talked about as a poet.

I don’t write poetry –
they are given to me,
not in the vanity of monotony –
in the night or in a dream,
when my soul, having
rejected all earthly things,
open to the
cosmic voice.
I don’t write poetry
They sound in me.

“There is such a genre – space poetry, it was created by Makhtumkuli, Alexander Pushkin, George Byron and many other lyricists, I also belong to this style. Of course, science is occasionally present in my poetry, inspired by the law of twoness, I wrote a poem of the same name.

Today, Odek Akchayevich is working on new sensational discoveries, and the second collection of his poems is ready for publication. Turkmen scientist’s publications are available in the large electronic library LitRes. It remains to add that poetry in the modern world has not lost its significance, it still serves as moral improvement of human, it is the best expression of feelings and thoughts.