Samsung represents its smart phone Galaxy Z Fold2 with a 7.6-inch foldable display

Samsung represents its smart phone Galaxy Z Fold2 with a 7.6-inch foldable display

Company Samsung presented its latest foldable smart phone – Galaxy Z Fold2. The futuristic device was announced at the event Samsung Unpacked in August, but all details, at last, were revealed these days.

Galaxy Z Fold2 is the successor of last year’s Galaxy Fold which got to headings of newspapers after a number of the first testers informed on problems with the foldable screen of the device.

Fortunately, Samsung included in the 2020 version some important updates which should prevent repetition of similar problems. Galaxy Z Fold2 is equipped by a huge 7,6-inch display with obverse panels by 27 % lesser than Galaxy Fold.

It can be combined half-and-half as a book, and in this case users can continue to use the 6,2-inch display with cover.

Users have a choice from three cameras – front camera of 10 MP placed in an imperceptible aperture on the basic display, the closing camera of 10 MP or the back camera with three objectives, 12 MP consisting of a super wide-angle objective, a wide-angle objective 12 MP and a telephoto lens with 12 MP.

While Galaxy Fold had the problems connected with the mechanism of folding, Samsung presented new loop Hideaway Hinge in Galaxy Z Fold2. The hinge provides stronger basis when the smart phone is completely spread out, and also smoother folding and unfolding.

Meanwhile, the system of magnetic support guarantees that the smart phone remains closed while it is put in your bag.

Unlike the predecessor, Galaxy Z Fold2 also has «Flex Mode» which allows holding the screen laid half in the L-shaped form.

One of the key advantages of smart phones is possibility to start to three applications simultaneously. Users can divide the main screen across or verticals or even to start the same application in two different windows.

This tremendous smart phone is accessible in two colours – Mystic Black or Mystic Bronze, with an additional choice of colours of hinges, including silver, gold, red or dark blue.