Saint Petersburg and Turkmenistan work out a five-year joint action plan

Saint Petersburg and Turkmenistan work out a five-year joint action plan

Governor of Saint Petersburg Aleksandr Beglov and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov at a meeting held at the country’s Foreign Ministry discussed the state of cooperation and its prospects. O the outcomes of the talks, the parties signed a joint Protocol including a “road map” – a plan of joint actions between the governments of Saint Petersburg and Turkmenistan for 2020-2025.

“Over the next five years, agreements will be reached and signed,” Aleksandr Beglov said during a press conference. “The agreements would include, first of all, such spheres as economy, industry, culture.”

The Governor expressed gratitude to President of Turkmenistan for the hospitality extended to the delegation of Saint Petersburg and a personal meeting, and shared his impressions about Ashgabat.

As for historical ties between Saint Petersburg and Turkmenistan, Beglov said that he would invite residents and the leadership of Ashgabat to take part in the Victory Parade in the northern capital of Russia.

As of humanitarian sphere, there is an agreement on establishing direct contacts at the school level – in Ashgabat it will be the Turkmen-Russian school named after A.Pushkin. According to Beglov, it would be interesting for schoolchildren of Saint Petersburg to see such a fantastic city as Ashgabat.

As regards economic cooperation, he underlined such areas as shipbuilding, IT-technologies, pharmacy, and developments in “smart cities” creating. Archeology remains the traditional area of cooperation.

“Since years, our archaeologists have always worked together with scientists from your country. And indeed it can be said – it is the cradle of the world’s civilization. It’s very convenient and safe to work here, and there are really good discoveries,” Beglov said.

As for the meeting with President of Turkmenistan, he noted that the head of state voiced valuable management decisions to help make urban infrastructure more efficient, including roads, construction, and engineering networks.

– I was pleased listening to the advice of President on how to approach the construction of such serious facilities as the construction of a new city. First of all, we should prepare well and do everything with high quality, as mistake is difficult to correct and it would remain for many centuries and everyone can see it. Therefore, you should always have professional approach. As for me, as a manager, this advice is of special importance also because sometimes we are in a hurry, and then …

The city transport management system of Ashgabat, including intercepting parking etc., which helps to avoid traffic jams, was cited by Beglov as an example. “We also need to introduce this system, … and I am very glad that I saw this and will definitely use this example and experience,” Beglov said, referring to Saint Petersburg reporters.

In turn, Rashid Meredov, answering the question “What areas in cooperation with Saint Petersburg are of interest?”, said:

– For us, Saint Petersburg is a long-standing, long-term and reliable partner; it is one of the regions of Russia that has historical ties with Turkmenistan. Already, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we, continuing the dialogue initiated by the head of the Turkmen state, discussed in detail issues related to the development of our relations in trade, economy, cultural and humanitarian sphere. We will be ready to substantively consider the proposals of our colleagues from Saint Petersburg on cooperation in such areas as industry, production of construction materials, shipbuilding, IT sector and others.

– At the same time, the cultural and educational spheres are powerful components of our cooperation, as before, they would remain priority. Without science, without education, there is no movement forward; therefore, the interaction that has developed in these areas is certainly worthy of praise. And we, having based on this vast, positive experience, will work together in these areas,” the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, underlined.