SAAT invites to an exhibition of contemporary artists

SAAT invites to an exhibition of contemporary artists

An exhibition of the works of graduates of this creative university has opened in the exhibition hall of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. Six authors, young artists who graduated from the academy in different years, presented the range of their searches in art.

Each of them has its own direction: expressionism, art nouveau, art deco … Someone gravitates to landscapes and urban architecture, others – to portraits and graphics. Enysh Yagshimuradov, Annadurdy Khodzhaev, Chingiz Toraev, Nurberdy Batyrov, Bayram Nuryev, Mailis Nazarov – from different regions of the country, and all of them were gathered again by the current opening day.

“Art requires sacrifice,” Nuryagdy Yagshimuradov, vice-rector for scientific work of the State Academic Art Theater, candidate of art history, repeats the common truth. – To get good paintings, artists have to sacrifice: time for the family, energy.

The idea of organizing the exhibition became a kind of “challenge” for long-graduated students who traveled to different cities, who were offered to show how they live all these years?

One of them is Chingiz Toraev. He graduated in 2016 and now works as a production designer at the Nurmukhammet Andalib Musical Drama Theater in his hometown of Dashoguz.

– The atmosphere of the theater inspires me, our artists are extraordinary personalities. I am interested in painting their portraits. Now I try different techniques, I think that my main picture is ahead … – says the artist.

From his student years, Chingiz proved himself a bright portrait painter. The standard for Toraev was the Russian school of portraiture. Kramskoy, Surikov, Repin – those same masters whom the aspiring artist imitated.

Now he has formed his recognizable style, his work is easily “read” and remembered. At this exhibition, he decided to present female images. As it turned out, almost all the heroines of Toraev’s paintings are his current colleagues in the theater. And at the end of the exhibition, he promised to give them their portraits.

The exhibition will last until October 15, so those who did not have time to attend the opening ceremony still have a great opportunity to personally enjoy the work of contemporary artists.

Svetlana MAYAK