Russian space pilot Yury Baturin met Ashgabat schoolboys

Russian space pilot Yury Baturin met Ashgabat schoolboys

Russian space pilot, the hero of Russia Yury Baturin arrived today in Ashgabat and has visited the Turkmen-Russian school named after A.S.Pushkin. He handed to the school museum archival photos, scientific and fiction books about astronautics. – I have selected photos especially to the 60th anniversary of the Group of cosmonauts of Russia which is marked this year, – Yury Mihailovich said.

Some photos – already known, but are among them are also exclusive pictures. For example, in one of them one can see Yury Gagarin right after his historical flight.

The guest of honour also donated memorable gifts on behalf of his colleague-cosmonaut, the hero of Turkmenistan Oleg Kononenko. These are nominal stripes on space suits from the expeditions in which Kononenko, took part, posters with his signature, a calendar of the Centre for training of cosmonauts and many other things.

Yury Baturin had a talk with pupils of the school, telling them about the past and the future of world astronautics.

– If once you happen to visit the city of Kaluga, you should visit Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s house museum, the founder of theoretical astronautics, – he advised pupils. – The most interesting in the house is that the door from his study opens, as if in space, onto nowhere, – there are neither ladders, nor a balcony. He very much liked to sit before this door.

He shared an interesting story about the start of the first artificial satellite of the Earth.

– Thousand years the human threw into the sky a stone and each time it came back to the earth. And here for the first time – on October 4, 1957 it did not return. All observed this event, – Yury Mihailovich told. – The matter is that the satellite itself did not separate from the third stage of the rocket, therefore flied together with it. The surface of the stage was enough big and reflected a lot of light. It was namely what inhabitants saw.

He could tell several hours about Yury Gagarin’s flight into the space. All know that the first human flight into the space lasted 108 minutes.

«A correct mistake! », – Yury Baturin said when pupils sitting in the hall sounded the same figure. Actually, as the “lecturer” told, duration of the flight was equal to 106 minutes. It appeared, when Gagarin landed, the commissioner of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) who was registering the records, was initially given wrong information of the time which was decided not to change then.

Speaking about the future of astronautics, Yury Baturin said: «now it is your problem to decide where to fly in the future, to the Moon or to Mars».

Ayna Berdiyeva