Russian language teachers from CIS countries study at online school

Russian language teachers from CIS countries study at online school

The International Online School “Russian language as an instrument of interethnic harmony” was held in Astrakhan. The large humanitarian project was organized by the Caspian-Eurasia Center for International and Political Studies with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

The participants of the online school comprised of the Russian language teachers from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Poland were introduced with the tools and peculiarities of teaching Russian as a foreign language, the formation of grammar skills at different stages of learning.

A six-day course consisted of lectures, webinars, and online consultations conducted by teachers of the Russian language department of Astrakhan State Technical University. At the end of the training course, participants have passed tests on the material studied.

“In some universities, our program was listened to by the whole department staff. Teachers of Russian as a foreign language in Russian regions have also been interested in the online school,” Ksenia Tyurenkova, Head of the Caspian-Eurasia Center, said.

According to the organizers, such training format is of great interest as there is no need to travel to Russia to upgrade the scientific and methodological potential.

On the outcomes of the online school, the organizers are planning to publish a collection of guideline and to hold a Russian language Olympiad among students.